Harry NilssonPapa's Got A Brown New Robe

Label:Purple Chick – PC-199/200
Series:Son of Harrities – no
2 x CDr, Unofficial Release
Genre:Rock, Pop, Stage & Screen


1-1U.C.L.A. (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) (Perfect Day Promo CD)4:22
1-2It's All In The Mind (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) 2:31
1-3Yo Dodger Blue (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) 2:28
1-4Animal Farm (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) (Perfect Day Promo CD)4:54
1-5Try, Try, Try (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) 3:11
1-6Lullaby (Demo) (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) 3:11
1-7Woman O Woman (Demo) (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) 2:15
1-8That's Why I Close My Eyes (Demo) (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) 2:38
1-9Shake That Thing (Demo) (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) 3:39
1-10Liz (Demo) (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) 2:16
1-11U.C.L.A. (Demo) (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) 3:15
1-12It's All In The Mind (Early Mix) (Papa's Got A Brown New Robe Session) 2:28
1-13Yo Dodger Blue (Radio Version)2:30
1-14245 Lb. Man (The Andy Cahan Demos)3:29
1-15Misery And Gin (The Andy Cahan Demos)2:52
1-16I Know Why (The Andy Cahan Demos)3:03
1-17It's So Easy To Live (The Andy Cahan Demos)3:27
1-18Lost And Found (The Andy Cahan Demos)4:09
1-19Me And My Arrow 1993 Jingle (The Andy Cahan Demos)0:08
1-20Me, Myself And I (The Andy Cahan Demos)2:21
1-21Strange Love (The Andy Cahan Demos)4:20
1-22This Could Be The Night (The Andy Cahan Demos)3:39
1-23What Does A Woman See In A Man? (The Andy Cahan Demos)4:42
1-24Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (The Andy Cahan Demos)3:24
1-25You Are Here (The Andy Cahan Demos)2:09
1-26Me, Myself And I (Alternate) (The Andy Cahan Demos)2:29
2-1Hey Boys (Flo and Eddie Radio Show 1990)
Backing VocalsFlo & Eddie
2-2Blanket For A Sail (For Our Children CD 1991)2:41
2-3How About You (Single Version)3:10
2-4How About You (The Fisher King Soundtrack)4:17
2-5Best Friend (Eddie is a Punk 1993 CD Version)
Lead VocalsBrandon Cruz, Harry Nilsson
2-6Without You (Live Ringo Starr & The All-Star(r) Band Tour 4 September 1992)3:28
2-7Listen, The Snow Is Falling (1993 Remake) (Informal Session with E.J. Gold)4:36
2-8If I Had A Dollar (Informal Session with E.J. Gold)4:25
2-9Medley: Georgia On My Mind / Yesterday (Informal Session with E.J. Gold)3:06
2-10Coconut Jam (Informal Session with E.J. Gold)2:20
2-11Medley: Kansas City / Speedo (Informal Session with E.J. Gold)4:17
2-12A Change Is Gonna Come (Informal Session with E.J. Gold)2:30
2-13Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Informal Session with E.J. Gold)2:01
2-14Paris Act I: Business (stage play)5:14
2-15Paris Act I: Paris In Court (stage play)5:49
2-16 Paris Act I: Any Fool Could See (stage play)5:17
2-17Paris Act II: The Greek Camp (stage play)4:13
2-18Paris Act II: The Begger (stage play)
Lead VocalsHarry Nilsson, Sheila Parker
2-19Paris Act II: Ulysses' Prayer (stage play)
Lead VocalsHarry Nilsson, Joe Fagin
2-20Paris Act II: A Horse With No Rider (stage play)1:15
2-21Paris Act II: Oh Paris (stage play)
Lead VocalsHarry Nilsson, Sheryl Parker


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    Harry and I recorded 32 Songs in my Laurel Canyon living room including having Ringo come over for some reading of children's stories that eventually Van Dyke parks Harry and myself would do the music for with Ringo. Harry was amazing and wonderful and beautiful and loving and creative to the utmost. Love you and miss you Harry.


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