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Pressing Plant Numbers:
56 = Columbia, Pitman, NJ
73 = Columbia, Terre Haute, IN
25 = Columbia, Santa Maria, CA
70 = RCA, Indianapolis, IN
72 = PRC, Richmond, IN
26 = PRC, Compton, CA
19 = Bestway Products, Moutainside, NJ
49 = Specialty Records Corp., Olyphant, PA
53 = Keel Mfg. (prior to '79); Hauppauge Record Manufacturing, Ltd. ('79 and later)
76 = Hub-Servall Record Mfg. Corp.


Record company codes (the letters after "ST")

A = Atlantic Records
C = Atco
CAP = Capricorn
CTN = Cotillion Records LPs
CO = Cotillion Records 45s
FC = Famous Charisma
SS = Swan Song
AS = Asylum
MC = Manticore
RS = Rolling Stones Records
HT = Hilltak Records
IL = Island Records

Pressing Plant Codes for LPs:

PR = Presswell Records Mfg. Co., Ancora, NJ (they handled most of Atlantic's LP's during much of this period)
LY = Shelley Products, Huntington Station, NY
SP = Specialty Records Corp., Olyphant, PA
MO = Monarch Record Mfg. Co., Los Angeles, CA
PL = Plastic Products, Inc., Memphis, TN
RI = Philips Recording Co., Richmond, IN
AR = Allied Record Co., Inc., Los Angeles, CA
CT or CTH = Columbia Records Pressing Plant, Terre Haute
CP = Columbia (Pitman, NJ)
CS or CSM = Columbia (Santa Maria, CA; very infrequently)
BW = Bestway Plastics, Mountainside NJ
SO = Sonic Recording Products, Holbrook, N
MG or MGS = MGM Record Mfg. Division, Bloomfield, NJ

LP label example (Led Zeppelin I)

ST = stereo
A = Atlantic Records label
68 = last two digits of the year Atlantic first received source (tape) and started working on mastering
1461 = tape master number (for side one in this example)
MO = Monarch Records pressing plant

London Records label matrix suffix:
AL - Allentown Record Co.
P - Columbia, Pitman, NJ
TH - Columbia, Terre Haute, IN
SM - Columbia, Santa Maria, CA
SH - Shelley Products, Ltd., Huntington Station, NY
BW - Bestway Products, Inc., Mountainside, NJ
GL - Decca/MCA, Gloversville, NY
K - Decca/MCA, Pinckneyville, IL
PH - PRC (formerly Philips) Recording Corp., Richmond, IN
W - H.V. Waddell, Burbank, CA


AT = Mastered by Atlantic Studios
AT/GP (handwritten) = mastered by George Piros at Atlantic
AT/DK (handwritten) = mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic
ATLANTIC STUDIOS DK (stamped) = mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic
ABS = Alex Sadkin
ab = Abbey Record Mfg. Co. (? we still don't know the exact meaning)
EDP [in oval] = Europadisk Pressing
PR or PRC or (PR) = Philips Recording Co. (maker of metal parts from lacquers)
LW or LWP = LongWear Plating (maker of metal parts from lacquers) Enter as "Mastered At"
♡POGO = Keith Olsen's Pogologo Productions
Porky or Porky Prime Cut = George Peckham
Pecko Duck = George Peckham
sƒ = Sam Feldman
RL = Bob Ludwig
LH = Lee Hulko
ɑ = Allied Record Company (usually followed by B-XXXXX)
MG = MGM Record Mfg. Division in Bloomfield, NJ
AMP = ABC-Paramount
M = Mercury
RCA = RCA Victor
◈-P-◈ = MCA Pressing Plant, Pinckneyville
回-G-回 = MCA Pressing Plant, Gloversville
G or G1= Columbia Pressing Plant, Carrollton, GA
✲ = Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Los Angeles
—◁ = Capitol Records Pressing Plant, Winchester
RG = Rob Grennell
GK = Gilbert Kong (GK)
"cg" + "☮" = Chris Gehringer
GF = Greg Fulginiti, of Artisan
R3 or R4 = Mastered at Rainbo Records (on Capitol Pressing)
︵︵〰 (birds) or メ or ❀、= Brian Gardner
DT = Dave Travis
RJ = Ray Janos
AZ CB = Chris Bellman at Allen Zentz
JG = John Golden
JJ = John Johnson (3)
SM = Stephen Marcussen
MF = Mike Fuller
BK = Bill Kipper
McM = Ron McMaster at EMI NY
SH = Steve Hall
H.W. = Howie Weinberg
TJ = Ted Jensen
RB = Ron Boustead (Precision)
SG = Steve Guy
Chet = Chet Bennett
RAYS = Ray Staff at Trident Studios, London
TLC = The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
FW Ѽ or FWNY = Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs
GOL = Goldisc Recording Products, Inc.
CSB ♪♪ = Carlton Batts
PP = Plastic Products
TD = Terry Dunavan
ESR = Elektra Sound Recorders
GC or Baseball looking symbol next to Sterling = Greg Calbi
Ƨ = Columbia, Santa Maria
ℰMW = Electrosound Group Midwest, Inc.
WM (W atop M stamp) = Wakefield Manufacturing

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