Who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong?
Who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop?
Who put the dip in the dip da dip da dip????
コメントを投稿しました 上に Brute Force (3) - Yesterday, Today & Forever. about 1 year ago
Cool, I work with Lewis the guitarist
Can you send me details
コメントを投稿しました 削除されて以来 about 1 year ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に KMFDM - UAIOE. over 2 years ago
Love this Album! Saw them open up for Ministry "Mind is a terrible thing to..." Tour
On my Birthday in 1990
Every album after this just never hits it mark for me
コメントを投稿しました 上に Bad Religion - Into The Unknown. over 2 years ago
This is their most original and off the wall record!!
Over the years( been plenty)
They repeated themselves endlessly
IMO, they keep on making stale records. I was lost after Suffer.
コメントを投稿しました 上に TT Quick - TT Quick. over 2 years ago
Hell yea!!
These guys rocked L'amours many of nights
Long live East Coast Metalloids
コメントを投稿しました 上に Nasty Savage - Wage Of Mayhem. over 2 years ago
Nasty Ronnie!! You are the MAN!!
So ahead of your time. Still have this demo which I got from you via mail order
You wrote some cool stuff on it, address to me. Thanks
Nasty Savage has a place in my heart!!! Rock on!!
コメントを投稿しました 上に B.F. Trike - B.F. Trike. over 2 years ago
I couldn't agree with you more!!! Excellent Trio, sounds fresh as ever!!
Not locked in one genre . I love this record
コメントを投稿しました 上に Del Shannon - Runaway With Del Shannon. over 2 years ago
Probably one of the Best Pop Hits of the early 1960's
So sad he robbed himself of time in 1990
"Rock On, Del!!!"
コメントを投稿しました 上に Agnostic Front - United Blood e.p.. over 3 years ago
I torched my two original copies!!! It felt real good
God told me too
レビューを投稿しました / REVS - Just Stay Away. over 3 years ago
Fashion by Revlon!!! It won't Cost you much , now that is a Knowledgable Righteous Thang!
コメントを投稿しました 上に Uriah Heep - One More Night (Remixed Version). over 3 years ago
What a haunting classic!!! Everything falls right into place with "Fallen Angel"
コメントを投稿しました 上に JPT Scare Band - Rape Of Titan's Sirens. over 3 years ago
Love this obscure music that gets dug up like some buried treasure
Rock on!! J.P.T!!!\m/
コメントを投稿しました 上に Sonny* - Inner Views. over 3 years ago
I agree with you AMVinyl
コメントを投稿しました 上に Anvil - Hard 'N' Heavy. over 3 years ago
Hey ,I was wondering if anyone knows or is aware that this picture disc (that being the one I own) , looks like an Anvil Picture disc, logo, album art, flip side songs and credits. Yet the one I own music on it is Judas Priest "Sad Wings of ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Mercyful Fate - Mercyful Fate. over 3 years ago
I hear ya about the cover! Bought this in 1983, along with Witchfinder General cover art. I too didn't want my Mom snooping cause of it. I remember my Dad being shocked at my Demon 45's and The Rods Let em Eat Metal . Girl with silver Dildo!!! Lol
彼らのコレクションにGentle Giant - The Power And The Glory追加された。 over 5 years ago
彼らのコレクションにGentle Giant - Free Hand追加された。 over 5 years ago
彼らのコレクションにGentle Giant - Acquiring The Taste追加された。 over 5 years ago
レビューを投稿しました / Minor Threat - Filler. over 5 years ago
Saw them at Great Gildersleeves back in 83?
Underrated club next to CB's . Hells Angels started a fight! Minor Threat had the energy and angst! Now where left with Ian the commentator! Him and Howard Cosell Rollins, never shut up!
Still all and all, one ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Zoogz Rift - Ipecac. over 5 years ago
Sweet Gem from the 80's!!! Brought to you by the fine Men
コメントを投稿しました 上に Jag Panzer - Ample Destruction. over 5 years ago
First off!! What a f-ing amazing record!! There best!! I bought it when it came out in 1984. Not knowing anything about their e.p. I'm 45, bought it at the Music Box in Queens NYC. I always bought new metal there. I remember asking about it, the owner ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Various - Cleanse The Bacteria. over 5 years ago
Seige Seige Seige!!!! Their recordings alone make this a must have
コメントを投稿しました 上に Mental Abuse - Streets Of Filth. over 5 years ago
These Pricks robbed me back in 85'!!!! Sent a money order for the record that they cashed, guess what "No Record" ! Probably bought Smack with it.
Seeing them live back in the day, I thought they were good but something mentally off about them. ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に D.R.I.* - Dirty Rotten EP. over 5 years ago
Very well put!! They are our forgotten heroes !!!
So many have been influenced from Slayer to Napalm Death. I remember buying the original vinyl(not the holy Grail 7", close second with the vinyl that was released tge same year)
Just staring in awe of ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Raw Power (2) - Screams From The Gutter. over 5 years ago
These Italians rocked so Hard back in the day. I missed my chance of
Seeing them at CB's!:( kick myself in the ass to this day.
I still have the original vinyl and their WOP Hour single(7")
レビューを投稿しました / Living Death - Vengeance Of Hell. over 5 years ago
I loved this record when it came out in 1984. I'm 45 now and I love it even more.
Hell Pike, Hell Pike. The original was way superior to the polished new mix. It
Had a raw sound. A fast Hellhammer. Critics bashed it. The vocals were so bad that they ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Gwar - Hell-O!. over 5 years ago
Surprise that there are no comments on this Fantastic debut!!! Their live shows during this period were breathtaking. Further releases, they lost their initial impact on me. Not to slag em'. Just
Nothing compared to Hell-o
コメントを投稿しました 上に Damage (13) - Sins Of Our Fathers. over 5 years ago
What an under appreciated NYHC band!! Before the scene turned into Boneheads.
This band packed a punch!! Double Bass Players, now we're talking!!
レビューを投稿しました / Melvins - Night Goat. over 5 years ago
My favorite single from this band!!! Buzz you Prick!!
レビューを投稿しました / SS Decontrol* - Get It Away. over 5 years ago
Springa in top form here! Bought this 84 @ Bleeker Bobs!! Rip off of a store in NYC(now a frozen yogurt joint-what's worse?) paid 20 bucks for it. Well worth it!!!