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コメントを投稿しました 上に Groove Armada - Lover 4 Now. about 22 hours ago
Call me cynical but I don't remember Groove Armada showing any interest in Italo-disco during the previous 23 years of their career.
レビューを投稿しました / City Girl (2) - Do Ya Think I'm Sexy. 1 day ago
A HiNRG cover of Rod Stewart's 1978 classic produced by none other than Nick Straker should have been a no-brainer for weddings and trashy disco sets, but unfortunately it's ruined by a hideous vocal (present on both sides of the record).
Also with a... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Ester (4) / Speed Streep - Edelweiss / Bosom Break. 13 days ago
To the now deleted comment about audio quality, I re-added the YouTube videos I made from this record (or just search it on YouTube since whoever took them down from here will likely do it again.)

Searching for "Bosom Break" on... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Sahara & Kano - Carry On. 16 days ago
Stunning cover painting: the Brooklyn Bridge held up by a pair of butterfly suspenders.
Beautifully realised by Enzo Mombrini, who did some of the most memorable Baby Records (2) sleeves.
The song itself is just "ok" but has a slightly stronger instrumental version.
レビューを投稿しました / Brian Ice - Talking To The Night. 21 days ago
One of the Italo classics I came to a bit late..
A great track in itself, but also interesting to me because I can hear elements of other songs (possibly) used as inspiration:
~ Vera (2) - Take Me To The Bridge
~ Baltimora - Tarzan Boy
~ Mike Francis - Survivor
~ Captain Sensible - Wot! or The Clash - Radio Clash

Another... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Various - Mirror Fantasy. about 1 month ago
Mouissie appeared out of nowhere to deliver one of the finest neo-trance tracks in recent years.
Short and sweet but hits so hard.
レビューを投稿しました / Various - Men With Boxes. about 1 month ago
Awesome and varied compilation which I come back to every few years.
Initially I think bought this because I loved the artwork (cover is slightly textured as well, though hard to see this in discogs pics).
My favourite tracks here are "Bolnes 1" from... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Rofo - I Want You. about 1 month ago
The hideous ceramic dog foetus on the cover is really off-putting, but the tracks themselves are surprisingly good.
Without a doubt one of my most hated sleeves.
コメントを投稿しました 上に Franco Bixio - A Pugni Nudi (Colonna Sonora Originale Del Film). about 1 month ago
Million dollar question here: this LP was released in 1972, and yet the film it is from was released in 1974. Why the gap?

I think the release date on discogs page is wrong..
The catalog # preceding this one is MDF 33/78 and... 続きを見る
送信された Tester Housing - Over You. about 1 month ago
送信された Venderstrooik - Children Of Dracula EP. about 1 month ago
レビューを投稿しました / Easy Going - Fear. about 1 month ago
Did Goody Music/Fulltime really censor the glowing crotch of the demon from the original sleeve..?
Yet seemingly fine with the bare ass of the leatherman on last year's reissue of the self-titled LP 🤔

PS not mad these are being reissued: they are... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Tony Santos (3) - Prestige . 2 months ago
According to the back sleeve they printed 10,000 copies of this!
I can't imagine it being a hot seller in 1988 so I really wonder what happened to them all.
(Perhaps a trip to Scauri is required to know the answer).
レビューを投稿しました / A.T.R.O.X. - Falls Of Time. 3 months ago
Beautiful compilation of the relatively unknown Italian wave group A.T.R.O.X., which I can't recommend highly enough.
I had always enjoyed the "Water Tales" LP but it wasn't until playing this comp repeatedly during lockdown at home that I realised... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Horse He's Sick - 30 Gastric Greats. 3 months ago
The band name comes from a collage by Max Ernst:

Thanks! I missed this art history class :)
Great artwork and a fitting reference.
レビューを投稿しました / The Horse He's Sick - 30 Gastric Greats. 3 months ago
Must be one of the greatest band names ever.. was ketamine popular in 1982??
I've definitely met a few aspiring horse doctors in recent years.

Some incredible sounds on here also, quite a hypnotic listening experience.
レビューを投稿しました / Bagarre - We Don't Want To Make Love / Chances To Come. 4 months ago
There's 3 different versions of Bagarre's great track "Dirty Love", on the original (and essential) Bagarre - Circus LP, on the underrated Bagarre - Epitaph LP .. and a bonus track on this record.
Before you buy this one, please note this is quite a strange version... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Various - Caligula: The Music. 4 months ago
Some sources credit Bruno Nicolai with some incidental music (Isis' Pool for one). Does anyone know the truth ? thanx

Bruno Nicolai composed this soundtrack (or most of it anyway) under the pseudonym "Paul Clemente".
If... 続きを見る
送信された The Lab - I Will Find You. 4 months ago
レビューを投稿しました / Pop Wallpaper - Strawberry Letter 23 / Nothing Can Call Me Back. 4 months ago
Bought this as a blind purchase ten years ago and didn't think too much of it at the time (in fact I'd dumped it at my parents' with a bunch of terrible eurodisco 12"s).
Coming back to it now with slightly more open ears and realised this is a unique... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Sandy Samuel - (I Like) Sado-Music (Part One & Two). 4 months ago
I take it part 2 is just an instrumental extension, rather than a whole other verse?

Yes it's just the same track as an instrumental, no extra parts or anything like that.
コメントを投稿しました 上に Sven Wittekind - Dark Zone (Remixes). 4 months ago
Does anyone know where the fantastic illustration on this picture disc is taken from?
Have been wondering about this for years..
I would guess a 1940s-50s book or comic cover but can't find which one.
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Parapluies - The Parapluies . 4 months ago
Anyone know what happened to this welcome reissue..?
Added 4+ months ago, sold once here (or was it?), link provided to an inactive bandcamp,
now nothing :(
コメントを投稿しました 上に Mauro Marani - Travel Made In Thailand. 4 months ago
Not sure... this sounds pretty good to me, though I don't have an OG to compare to.
The original is private pressing so probably not the greatest to begin with?
I don't have 500 euro spare and it's a welcome repress for me.. all tracks are great but... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Various - Maskindans - Norsk Synth 1980-1988. 4 months ago
Amongst the greatest synth/wave/etc compilations ever released: track after track of Norwegian post-punk gold.
I come back to revisit this every year or so and continually find new gems I'd previously overlooked.
No bad tracks to be found here but my... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Albatros / Space Art (2) - Stop-Stop Violence / Nous Savons Tout. 5 months ago
Totally unofficial release but excellent sound.
For years I was sure the label pic is from a horror movie, but after some research it's a real photograph of a deceased woman in Mexico City, 1979 :/
The photograph was taken by Enrique Metinides.
レビューを投稿しました / Daniele Patucchi - Turbo Time (Original Soundtrack). 5 months ago
Be careful with this pressing of the superb motorsport documentary soundtrack from Patucchi (one of his best for my taste).
It has less tracks - but also the tracks are cut down considerably for some reason.
Can only assume it was some kind of promo... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Decameron (7) - Just A Little Dance. 5 months ago
Do you know what is the meaning of the artist name ''Decameron''?

Not sure if your question is rhetorical, but The Decameron is a 14th-century writing by Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio, circa 1353.
It's considered a... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Los Angeles T.F. - Everliving Fever / Plastic Paradise. 5 months ago
This record has the slow fairytale or music box mix of "Everliving Fever"
Pretty sure it only appears on this specific pressing (feel free to correct me otherwise).
A great version.. better/equal to the original and much different.
コメントを投稿しました 上に T. Ark - Count On Me. 6 months ago
Sleeve artwork taken from, or at least heavily inspired by Colors (2) - Missing Destinies
コメントを投稿しました 上に Avantgarde - You Never Danced With Me. 6 months ago
Clean production and some nice parts, especially on the b-side mix as mentioned below.
Unfortunately suffers a bit from the "strong verse / weak chorus" syndrome (also the chorus repeats a few too many times).
コメントを投稿しました 上に Anthony D'Urso* - Feel The Night. 6 months ago
Must be some kind of record for the most electric guitars played on an Italo-disco track, a shame as there's a nice composition buried underneath both this and the guy screaming.
Tony is wearing a sports coat and tie on the sleeve, but I can't help... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Twilight (4) - Star. 6 months ago
With the exception of "My Mind", most of this album is not really Italo-disco.
It's more like sleazy 80s AOR (check haircuts on the backsleeve for further verification). Having said that, it's actually not bad at all.
The M.C. Escher inspired cover... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Frankie Nocenti - Workin' Man. 6 months ago
Bad ratings but great record. Another gem from Summa and Bonzanni.
For hard workin' men (and women) only.. listen and decide for yourself.
コメントを投稿しました 上に Machinations - My Heart's On Fire. 6 months ago
Great record (in fact one of my favourites from Oz), but pretty sure it's not worth £550.00.
Used to see this around all the time in Melbourne in the bargain bins.
コメントを投稿しました 上に Bonnie Bianco - Cenerentola '80. 8 months ago
Mostly bad music with the unpleasant voice of Bonnie Bianco.
I personally can't take more than 20 seconds of any of the vocal tracks.
The record is partially redeemed by one great instrumental space/cosmic track: Oliver Onions - "Jeff B."
コメントを投稿しました 上に Ingrid (19) / The Rollerballs - Help Help / Phatting. 8 months ago
Side A is medley of two Gilla tracks: "Help! Help!" and "Tu' Es!"
Sounds like the original versions to me (not covers), but I'm no Gilla specialist.

Side B "Phatting" is an OK synthesizer and organ track, but more interestingly an early... 続きを見る
送信された R°A - Space Melody. about 1 year ago
送信された Betonkust & Eilandnet - Robogoth. over 2 years ago
送信された Joe Tossini And Friends - Lady Of Mine. over 2 years ago
送信された Al Onzo - Tango Japan. over 2 years ago
送信された Rising Sun Systems - Oberheim Space. over 2 years ago
送信された Ruins (2) - New Record. over 3 years ago
送信された Raffaele Fiume Presents Fancy (9) - Null Null. over 3 years ago
送信された Patrizia* / Daniela* - Hot Girls Of Italo Disco. over 3 years ago
送信された Prod & The Moonbaby / Ash In October - Brisbane. over 3 years ago
送信された FM Attack - Dreamatic. over 3 years ago
送信された Roma Blair - Wake Up And Live. over 3 years ago
送信された Sellorekt/LA Dreams - Turbo Quest. over 3 years ago
送信された Dutch Dream Girls - Dutch Dream Girls. over 3 years ago