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コメントを投稿しました 上に Omar Rodriguez Lopez* & John Frusciante - Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante. about 1 year ago
thank you so much, i have been wanting to pick this up for ages
レビューを投稿しました / KMFDM. over 2 years ago
Purveyors of the ultra heavy beat, and impressively going for 30 years in various incarnations with the one consistant factor that is captain k ( Sascha Konietzko ) who's vocal stylings are integral to the bands sound, there have been some notable high ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Slowdive - Slowdive. over 2 years ago
and also we buy the release too creating imports of our own
コメントを投稿しました 上に End.user* - Enter To Exit. over 2 years ago
end.user really has found his groove in recent years and his music continues to progress and evolve the breakcore genre and this album is another step forward from "even weight", the right balance of breaks, control and some tweaking and tinkering ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Spike* - Invisible. over 3 years ago
i got this back in the day on old fashioned cassette, that and gary clails emotional hooligan, my first foray's into the tackhead on-u sound, i have grown to love all these guys stuff, invisible has some great sounds and grooves and even now sounds great
レビューを投稿しました / Iszoloscope - False Vacuum. over 3 years ago
i came to this release having heard no previous releases, but was impressed by the punishing hard driving beats, distorted dark riffs and a powerful & dark atmosphere that made this an engaging listen, in less skilled hands this could become an ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Piano Magic - Artists' Rifles. over 3 years ago
i hope my words can do this release justice... it feels like this album is a fragile collection of instrumentation & voice but its very affecting, spartan perhaps or maybe they knew that less is more in what was needed here, you & john are ghosts gives ... 続きを見る
彼らのコレクションにKraftwerk - Robotronik Übermensch追加された。 over 3 years ago
コメントを投稿しました 削除されて以来 over 4 years ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に Dark Horse Records (2). over 4 years ago
short lived label but played a part in the darkside style which i heard a fair bit of as i was coming into the rave/hardcore scene at that time, ironic to say happy days?
レビューを投稿しました / The Black Dog - Silenced. over 4 years ago
For me this cd is a absolute gem of a find and upon repeated listens this album improves greatly. some sublime music is on offer here. i purchase 100's of cd's a year so for this to be one of the albums of that year is praise indeed. a must have for any ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Skream - Loefah Remixes. over 5 years ago
i wanted that option for the past year!
コメントを投稿しました 上に Monolake - Momentum. over 5 years ago
great music tho
コメントを投稿しました 上に Syndromeda. over 5 years ago
you can get a lot of syndromeda's back catalogue direct from the artist on his website for 6 euros or a little more depending on release for at least 6 albums. just a heads up for those looking to buy cd's
コメントを投稿しました 上に echospace [detroit]. over 5 years ago
the date is relevant " November 27, 2012 "
コメントを投稿しました 上に echospace [detroit]. over 5 years ago
Its a sad situation with the bandcamp experience, despite best intentions it's all gone badly wrong on so many levels, I do feel both sides on this now, the frustrated fans awaiting their purchases (myself included), and the guys at echo space must be ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Sons Of Otis - Temple Ball. over 5 years ago
mississippi queen played ten times heavier and with echoing vocals? whats not to love, the sons do heavy in a most wonderful way
コメントを投稿しました 上に Snail (5) - Terminus. over 5 years ago
not one duff tune on this entire album, its a hard rocking, well produced beast. this would apeal to those who dig the "stoner" genre, ie cky monster magnet or qotsa, and other bands i could name but i'll spare you the list,do yourself a favour and get ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Mortiis - Født Til Å Herske. over 5 years ago
not his usual oeuvre for which he became known for, this is a trip into dark medieval territory, the theme to a dark misty night alone in the middle ages somewhere deep in europe
レビューを投稿しました / Karl Bartos - Off The Record. over 6 years ago
After Playing this a number of times , i would say this is a grower, his best release yet tho, there are those who will try and compare this to his former bandmates ralf and florian, you need to listen to this with no expectation of it being the next ... 続きを見る
送信された Akira The Don - The Life Equation. over 6 years ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に Concept 1 - Concept 1 - 96:CD/VR. over 6 years ago
As with all great releases this takes a few listens to begin to be really appreciated, i can liken it to some dub techno releases minimal and hypnotic , being as stefan betke is involved in the mastering on disk two if you appreciate his pole alias's ... 続きを見る
彼らのコレクションにSavage Pencil - Savage Pencil Presents… The Antiquack - A Dead Duck Selection追加された。 over 6 years ago
レビューを投稿しました / Ween - Shinola Vol.1. over 7 years ago
a collection of odd's n sods and tracks that never made it onto previous albums , still head and shoulders above some bands releases, maybe one to get once you "get" ween
レビューを投稿しました / Ween. over 7 years ago
a truly eclectic collection of styles, but almost always played with great musicianship, ween are truly one of those bands where you don't know what their next release could sound like, for me theres always one or two tracks i hear and wonder why they ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Brain Damage (2) Featuring Black Sifichi - Burning Before Sunset. over 7 years ago
how can this have been missed by so many reviewers? the combination of sublime vocal skill by black sifichi and musical expertise by brain damage, dub mastery and musical expertise lift this album into one of the best releases of the year if not the ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Emotional Joystick - Bellicose Pacific. over 8 years ago
coming back to this makes me realise why i love this genre so much, amazing beat work and melodies intertwined with some hair raising breaks, and the bass... had this been on rephlex or mu or skam there would be no end of praise for this alas it wasn't. ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Aix Em Klemm - Aix Em Klemm. over 8 years ago
an album of beautiful synergy, the best of labradford's unique minimalistic tones and the stars of the lids emotive moments. the repeated tone from "sophteonal" stays in my head for days after listening to it. i came across this purely by chance CD ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / The KLF - The White Room. over 13 years ago
A little information for those considering purchasing this from ebay etc, this release is an edited version. For one thing track 2 "make it rain" has the vocal sample "deee-yayy" removed, more than likely for using uncleared samples, nothing unusual with ... 続きを見る