I worked in an independent record store chain for about 8 years, 1990-1998 and have been selling (record fairs, then eBay) for nearly 30 years in total. I love vinyl. In fact I'm selling this vinyl to buy more vinyl...don't tell my wife.
I *never* knowingly over grade items. Almost all are unplayed, mint\nr mint, and\or sealed. Most of the used items are from my own collection and have been treated with love and care.
I've also been using the same high quality packaging for about 10 years years with 99.99% protection from postal service rough and tumble.
Please do contact me with any issues before leaving feedback. Cheers!
送信された The Home Current - No Friction. 1 day ago
送信された Kenji Kawai - Ghost In The Shell (Original Soundtrack). 14 days ago
送信された Jordan Rakei - Origin. about 1 month ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に Death And Vanilla - Library Goblin (Коля Угрюмов Waves Of Literacy Version). 2 months ago
2 people 'have' this :D and some other words here
コメントを投稿しました 上に Zero 7 - Home / Somersault. 3 months ago
This was the only RSD2019 release that I thought filled a gap long overdue. Maybe that Prince 'Versace Experience' tape too actually. Everything else was pretty much rinsing the collectors. Now, if next year they could press to vinyl the Four Tet remix ... 続きを見る
送信された Sigrid (9) - Sucker Punch. 4 months ago
送信された Various - 環境音楽 = Kankyō Ongaku (Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980 - 1990). 5 months ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に Various - 環境音楽 = Kankyō Ongaku (Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980 - 1990). 5 months ago
So one buys the CD, rips it, and sells it to get all the tracks digitally at a fraction of the cost? Doesn't seem right.
送信された Pinkcourtesyphone - A Ravishment Of Mirror. 6 months ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に Jaubi - Lahore State Of Mind. 7 months ago
All about the Al Dobson Jr remix for me, which has a big nod to\connection to Paul White's beats (label mate on One Handed Music).
コメントを投稿しました 上に Khruangbin - Live At Lincoln Hall. 7 months ago
It is actually in the shops right now. That's where I bought my copy, in Bristol.
コメントを投稿しました 上に Massive Attack - Mezzanine. 7 months ago
I don't know man, Angel, Risingson and Teardrop is often cited as one of the most striking A sides\album openings in recent musical history, and I agree. Also, Dissolved Girl, Man Next Door and Black Milk all have incredible vocals; relisten to them. ... 続きを見る
送信された Le Cassette - Left To Our Own Devices. 7 months ago
送信された Raquel Rodriguez - Night's Over. 8 months ago
送信された Raquel Rodriguez - Mile High. 8 months ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に Cloudkicker. 8 months ago
Just came back to me that I had an email conversation with Ben (I don't know him, I'm just a fan) some months ago, where he mooted the idea of repressing the early LPs. I can't remember now if there was talk of a box-set too or if I dreamt that :) but ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Stevie Lange - Remember My Name. 9 months ago
So, this is the music to the Limara women's body spray advert that was an earworm to me as a 10 year old. 37 years later I stumbled across it in a 2nd hand shop in Birmingham. I had no idea it was actually released. It's awful, but such a nostalgia trip ... 続きを見る
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送信された The Black Queen - Infinite Games. 9 months ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に Willie Dale - Let Your Light Shine. 10 months ago
Great track. I saw it somewhere described as a slightly psychedelic soul tune, and that haunting guitar lick (can't get it out of my head) alludes to that. Selling on here for about £5, a bargain to be snapped up.
コメントを投稿しました 上に Painel De Controle - Relax. 10 months ago
The issue is the deceit, accidental or otherwise, whereby labels make claims of rarity, which are not true. It's not OK to say "limited to 500 copies", and enjoy the impetus that gives to selling your pressing in short time, only to then go and repress ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Muggs* x Doom* - Deathwish. 11 months ago
They should just repress all these 12"s. I know they said 'No repress', but who's going to sue them? :)
コメントを投稿しました 上に bvdub - The First Day. 11 months ago
I'd take this on a 2 x LP vinyl pressing in a heartbeat. Stick a locked groove at the end of each side too for endless bliss x
コメントを投稿しました 上に Kinky - Cornman. about 1 year ago
It's the Boom Town music from Little Big Planet :)
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Go! Team - Get It Together. about 1 year ago
'Get It Together!' famously used in the Playstation game Little Big Planet :)
送信された Ill Considered - Ill Considered. about 1 year ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に MACプラス* - フローラルの専門店. about 1 year ago
I've started a forum thread for all this chat. The review section of a release is not the place for it. Forums are for sounding off, complaining, making comments about someone's integrity, honesty, intentions etc ... 続きを見る
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コメントを投稿しました 上に Sigrid (9) - Don't Kill My Vibe EP. about 1 year ago
I've seen it reported as being 900 pressed, so quite a lot. Hoping the prices will come down a bit for me as a result :)
コメントを投稿しました 上に Mark Peters (4) - Innerland. about 1 year ago
Fresh out of the cellophane mine has a 'click' on Track A1, about 20 seconds in for 4 rotations. I can see no mark on the vinyl at all so was worried it's a pressing fault. Anyone else? If so was going to maybe plump for the RT version instead.
コメントを投稿しました 上に Moodymann. about 1 year ago
You must be psychic :) Pitch Black City Reunion 12" coming soon.
送信された OGRE (14) - Ballard. about 1 year ago
送信された Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - It's A Beautiful World. about 1 year ago
レビューを投稿しました / Cardiacs - A Little Man And A House And The Whole World Window. about 1 year ago
If you want to know where Blur picked up most of their ideas for Parklife, look no further. The vocals particularly, but also the saxophones on Badhead, the sinister merry-go-round on The Debt Collector, and a lot of other spooky organ motifs, and ... 続きを見る
送信された Don Broco - Technology. about 1 year ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に 2814 - 2814. about 1 year ago
Didn't take long...you decry "Damn flippers", yet 'accidentally' ordered two copies of this very in-demand LP, and are pleased that flippers have inflated the price to £150. Hypocrite much?
コメントを投稿しました 上に Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Blade Runner 2049 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. about 1 year ago
Rather than just asking Support to remove your 'review' (which they would do), I emailed you to politely point out that adding URLs to stores\shops is against Discogs rules. I was also completely open about all of my reasons for asking you to remove the ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Don Broco - Automatic. about 1 year ago
lol, good job for us you don't work in product design...
送信された Don Broco - Technology. about 1 year ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に Mark Barrott - Sketches From An Island. about 1 year ago
This definitely got a repress. There were never this many brand new copies for sale the first 18 months after release: now there's over 20. Anyone with a new copy prepared to compare matrix numbers with the OG? Otherwise you're selling a repress and ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に 2814 - 新しい日の誕生. about 1 year ago
People, you definitely need to complain to the label about this. Sounds like you all have discs with the same pressing fault. You at least should be eligible for a part refund or replacement (doubt they have 1st pressings spare though obviously). Poor ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Return Of Cassetteman. about 1 year ago
Seems to be a bootleg label though doesn't it? Unusual for all these big artists to just licence their music to some startup cassette label??
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Kills - Doing It To Death. about 1 year ago
Yep, market forces in play. Demand goes up, availability is under control by the label, so prices go up. I get that vinyl was almost a loss-leader for some bands\labels, and now there's the opportunity to make a profit, but £11 for 1 track is at the ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Cloudkicker - Fade. about 1 year ago
From nowhere, at age 46, after avidly searching out new music for about 35 years, this became one of my top albums. Has all the hallmarks of a classic: one track flowing into the next (the track sequencing is so good), each a solid piece of music in its ... 続きを見る
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送信された Krrum - Evil Twin EP. about 1 year ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Shoes (3) - Knock Out. about 1 year ago
I picked up another copy that has BLOC PARTY written on the Polaroid :)
コメントを投稿しました 上に Kyle Dixon (2) & Michael Stein (9) - Stranger Things. about 1 year ago
Pretty sure the Discogs seller chasmosaurus is involved with the Invada label, so maybe direct the questions to him directly. He's in the marketplace, selling 7 copies of the boxset cheaper than any stores can ;)
コメントを投稿しました 上に ABC - All Of My Heart / Overture (From The Lexicon Of Love). about 1 year ago
Probably in my Top 10 favourite singles of all time. Almost too good for the charts at that time; so classy, well produced, mournful. Classic.
コメントを投稿しました 削除されて以来 about 1 year ago