I am Sven and I have collected records for 25 years. All records I am offering here are from my collection. I will only list records that don't come up for sale very often. I will specialize in records from the 1990s and 2000s when the CD had taken over and not many vinyl copies were pressed. I always hated CDs and tried to find vinyl versions when possible. There might also be rare vinyl from the Seventies and Eighties here as well.
I try to grade strict and I will post a comment when necessary; as you may know, especially 90s pressings are far from perfect in many cases.
I will send records out in 1-2 business days.
Payment within 5 days, please.
I offer registered worldwide shipping for 8€ for one LP, which is less than I actually have to pay; Double LP's and extra heavy pressings might be more expensive, also depending on which country you live in.
Porto innerhalb Deutschland: 5€
ATTENTION: I will leave feedback as soon as I receive it from you (sorry, too many non-feedback buyers now).
レビューを投稿しました / Rheingold - Rheingold. 8 months ago
Although it appears to be pretty straightforward and of its time on first listen, this is one of the strangest records from Germany I know. I grew up during the time of NDW and this was the first music I listened to, although I only paid attention when ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Lazy Smoke - Corridor Of Faces. 8 months ago
I own one of the copies described here but I doubt the record is from the official reissue. It does have an edge warp, but it has a large label rim while the official reissue has a small one. It is impossible to see in the blurry image used here if the ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Emmett Finley - Emmett Finley. 8 months ago
A really unique and haunting record that has not been widely discovered. It is one of the few albums that exists in the small circle of 'loner rock' in my perception. Other records in that corner are Eddie Callahan, Ken Rhoten and the now legendary John ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Various - Chains And Black Exhaust. 9 months ago
One of the best compilations of formerly released material ever made. A classic. I suppose there are problems concerning copyrights, but this should really come out on vinyl, especially regarding its equally fantastic follow-up 'Function Underground'. ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Van Der Graaf Generator - The Aerosol Grey Machine. 9 months ago
Although Van Der Graaf are of course highly regarded in general, this is still an enormously underrated record. Often considered a rudimentary version of their later releases in reviews, I think this is the best they did (I am no proghead). This is one ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / The Litter - Distortions. 10 months ago
A legendary record; nevertheless, its reputation has dropped considerably in the last years. It was one of the original holy grails of the collector's scene already in the 80s. When I first heard it via an old repro in the early 90s I was disappointed ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Comptons Most Wanted* - Music To Driveby. 10 months ago
This reissue is an absolute joke. They manage to repeat the same mistakes the original is suffering from: It is impossible to cram 60+ minutes of playtime on a single LP and get good sound out of it; this one sounds extremely bad. But the original was ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / All The Saints - Fire On Corridor X. 11 months ago
Great and completely underrated record that obviously too many simply do not know. The 'shoegaze' tag, to which it is connected here, is only partly correct as these guys have a much harder approach than most neo-gazers. In fact, the band this has most ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / The Gun Club - Lucky Jim. 11 months ago
A desert island disc. I have always been a Gun Club fan but when this came out I was into Hip Hop and other things. I rediscovered this only two years back and was really amazed. Considering how much of a wreck Pierce must have been at the date of the ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Dadawah - Peace And Love - Wadadasow. 11 months ago
Take note that this issue has a US-style tip-on sleeve whereas the 2016 press has a much thinner cover. Both releases are often mixed up here as this can't really be shown in photos. I own both and the differences are clear as soon as you hold both in ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Dadawah - Peace And Love - Wadadasow. 11 months ago
Take note that this issue has a much thinner sleeve than the 2010 version which has a US style tip on cover.
コメントを投稿しました 上に Luke Slater's 7th Plain* - The 4 Cornered Room. 11 months ago
A monster. One of the most amazing albums if you are interested how exciting the mid 90s were concering electronic music. Deep, imaginative music; call it Post-Detroit, Pre-IDM or whatever. I missed it first time around also because of its horrible ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Spring Heel Jack - Treader. 11 months ago
Although the last review of this album was posted here five years ago, it is still true: a monster record; and still completely undervalued. Just found a vinyl version cheap and it is absolutely ridiculous that this is not worth a fortune. The reason ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Rex Foster With Don* & Merrily* - Roads Of Tomorrow. 11 months ago
In case someone (like myself) was wondering if this entry is correct and a UK pressing does really exist (often, french copies are offered here): I just bought one and the sound is superior to the french one. The label is very similar to the france ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Tea Company - Come And Have Some Tea With The Tea Company. about 1 year ago
A grower. When I first bought it maybe 25 years ago because of the great cover I regarded this as an exploitation psych venture and sold it straight away. Today, I think it is a genuine major label psych classic in the Deep (Psychedelic Moods) realms. ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Jimi Hendrix Experience* - Are You Experienced?. about 1 year ago
Unbelievable sound on this pressing (obviously on the other first french Barclay monos (there are no french stereos) listed here separately as well, I think all these are the same pressing and should be regarded as one entry). Sounds as if the band is ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Mountain Bus - Sundance. about 1 year ago
Please take note that there are strange things happening with the original pressing. I think that only the very first issues are the ones to get. I owned several copies which all looked near perfect. There were ones with really annoying crackles on both ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Kak - Kak. about 1 year ago
There is definitely a counterfeit pressing with the yellow epic label not listed here done the late 80s which is pretty well done and is still today sometimes offered as an original. The label has a darker yellow and the backcover shows a promo stamp ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Monster Magnet - Dopes To Infinity. about 1 year ago
There is also a circa 2003 European pressing from Universal in the so called '320 series' that is not listed here. The sound is, like all of these pressings, incredible.
コメントを投稿しました 削除されて以来 about 1 year ago
レビューを投稿しました / Garrett Schroeder* - Lack Of Sleep. about 1 year ago
Cool obscure private press that was discovered after the Acid Archives was finished, otherwise it should have been reviewed positively there. Amazing dreamy folk rock with great singing and very pro production and playing. One of those entries in the ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Alex Kubetin - The 1st Reels. about 1 year ago
Great album with obviously no reputation. If at all, it is known in a private press/Acid Archives context, but the real target group for it should be fans of stuff like Teenage Fanclub, Matthew Sweet, Nada Surf etc.. Great songwriting, warm homemade ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Paul Levinson - With Ed Fox & Peter Rosenthal - Twice Upon A Rhyme. about 1 year ago
An absolutely wonderful album which exists in a world of its own and sucks the listener in the more you play it. One of those records where influences are really difficult to spot. Comparisons have been drawn to Tim Buckley and Village Green era Kinks ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / The Stalk-Forrest Group - The Stalk-Forrest Group. about 1 year ago
Great reissue of maybe the best unreleased psych album ever. Pure Westcoast guitar heaven. A very authentic cover, superior track order and fantastic sound; blows all other issues out of the water. Get it.
コメントを投稿しました 上に Zugzwang - Euphonic. about 1 year ago
If an alien should ask one day what this 90s IDM movement was all about, this obscure EP could work as a yardstick for the whole genre. 4 fantastic, intelligent and diverse tracks which outshine most well regarded classics on Warp etc. A masterpiece, ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Dream Syndicate - How Did I Find Myself Here?. about 1 year ago
MOJO said this is the reunion album you wish all reunion albums were. And that's what it is. This could have been relesed at any point in the last 30 years and it would have been a great work. It seems there was no pressure and a lot of heart behind it. ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に 13th Floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere. about 1 year ago
It seems to be common sense that US originals do not sound great. This is not true. The problem is that the stampers used degenerated quickly and that this record was played with bad needles back in their time. You need a really early pressing that has ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Facedancers - The Facedancers. about 1 year ago
One of the most strange records I know. This gives the term 'unpredictable' a new meaning. I really would like to know which music these guys listened to. Sometimes I am reminded of Mothers of Invention or the weirder Tim Buckley stuff (also because of ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Homestead & Wolfe - Our Times. about 1 year ago
This is one of the extremely rare cases where a reissue with bonus tracks improves on the original. The two unreleased tracks that are placed as the last song on each side may be the best (and certainly most psychedelic) the band did and manage to lift a ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Bark Psychosis - Hex. about 1 year ago
The best and most important reissue for a long time. Great sound on this double vinyl. Maybe the best album of the 90s. Get it.
レビューを投稿しました / Scorpions - Lonesome Crow. about 1 year ago
Fantastic sound on this pressing and a really fitting cover that actually beats the original one by miles. There are obviously two different covers to this issue; one has a structured sleeve, another one is laminated.
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat. about 1 year ago
A really mysterious one. It is generally considered as an unofficial release.The question is why someone did a bootleg so early as it is definitely from the early seventies; sound quality and printing are really great and feel more like an official ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Music & Movement - Ambi Tech Know E.P.. about 1 year ago
A great, really rare (definitely more rare than many high prized prog records) and pretty long EP which plays like an extension of the Orb's 'Ufo Orb'. May sound a bit dated to 'modern' listeners but this really is part of its charm. A must if you are ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Music & Movement. about 1 year ago
Great EP that really sounds like an extension of the Orb's 'Ufo Orb'. May sound a bit dated but that's part of its charm. Unfortunately, as mentioned here, one of the worst pressings ever. Sounds like a g+ copy straight out of the press plant. Oh well...
コメントを投稿しました 上に Chet Nichols - Time Loop. about 1 year ago
One of the best examples of an underrated record. It was praised back in the day by Paul Major and for good reason. Now, with the net making everything transparent, it became evident that it is not a rare record; but it is still a really great one. It is ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Ken Rhoten - Flying Saucer Man. about 1 year ago
A really great and unfortunately really rare private press (this Neptune label is definitely not the soul label it is connected to here). I bought the copy that can be found in the sales history here (I am really glad I did) and it obviously did not turn ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Various - Function Underground: The Black And Brown American Rock Sound 1969-1974. about 1 year ago
Great compilation that was really overdue. I was always wondering why nothing besides the rare cd comp Chains And Black Exhaust has ever been released in the field of black funk/psych crossover (and I suspect there is more stuff out there). Thank you for ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に David Habeck - The Circle Meets Itself Each Time Around. about 1 year ago
Definitely one of the best obscure singer songwriter records released in the 1980s. Sealed copies appeared seemingly out of nowhere on ebay a few years ago. Unlike other unknowns that popped up, this is a real gem and it shows, as it seems all the ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Smith & Mighty - Bass Is Maternal. about 1 year ago
The epitome of the Bristol sound. Marks a place in time where everything was possible. Might sound dated today, but you had to be there. Maybe the most innocent and perfect mixture of early drum'n'bass, reggae, house and downtempo ever created. A ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Dadawah - Peace And Love - Wadadasow. about 1 year ago
Beware that the 2010 and 2016 issues are not identical and are sometimes mixed up here. I bought a 2016 repress that was listed here as the earlier pressing. The 2010 reissue has an 'US-style' paste-on sleeve and great print very faithful to the original ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました 削除されて以来 about 1 year ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に Aphrodite's Child - 666. about 1 year ago
This is what 'progressive' should be: Imaginative, complex, freaky; also very psychedelic. A real trip that has aged very well. Blows nearly all UK 'monsters' out of the water. And concerning pressings: This is one of the cases where the UK press hype ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Voïvod - Angel Rat. about 1 year ago
Still today, an amazingly underrated record. When it came out, their fans were alienated. I remember two friends who were huge fans saying this was complete crap. Their favourite band traded their complicated, epic prog metal for short, psychedelic hard ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Soundgarden - Superunknown. about 1 year ago
Ok, usually i hate all these glorifications when an artist passes. But when I realized Cornell had died, I had to relisten again. If I would be able to cry when hearing a record, I would have. One of the best albums of the 90s, it defines alternative ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 削除されて以来 about 1 year ago
コメントを投稿しました 上に Tool (2) - Lateralus. about 1 year ago
The only Tool album which lives up to their reputation. I never understood why Aenima is regarded as a masterpiece. I always thought it was pretentious. Lateralus might also be pretentious, but it's also deep and psychedelic. Regarding this pressing, I ... 続きを見る
レビューを投稿しました / Rick & J.B. - Wake Up And Smell The Coffee. about 1 year ago
Excellent, very contemporary sounding folk record with some similarities to the great 'Papa Never Let Me Sing the Blues' album. Great production and performance for a private press. Also has an amazing instrumental with droning synthesizer to keep things ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Chrome (8) - Alien Soundtracks. over 2 years ago
A record beyond genres. Well loved in experimental music circles, it is maybe still unheard by many psych heads. One of the most LSD soaked records I know, also one of the most deranged ones, but still amazingly enjoyable. Helios Creed's psyched out ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に The Nomads (2) - Sonically Speaking. over 2 years ago
A really underrated album which sounds like an 8 years earlier precursor to the Hellacopters' 'High Visibility' in combining Radio Birdman, Kiss and Stones with the major production values of 90s alternative rock and the scandinavian gift for pop hooks. ... 続きを見る
コメントを投稿しました 上に Acrimony - Tumuli Shroomaroom. over 2 years ago
Everything enthusiastic you may read about this album in the depths of the net is true. A role model for stonerrock. From the cover over the song titles and of course the music it is the blueprint for most stoner bands of the 2000s. It can in fact be ... 続きを見る