kakofoNIKT ‎– Kaktuus

Fourth Dimension Records ‎– FDCD86, BDTA ‎– BDTA XXI


0 Find An Isolated Place Where It Is Possible To Totally Black-Out. Fast For 6 Days. Shower For 30 Minutes. Remove All Cactus Thorns, Peel And Taste Its Heart (Core). Turn Off The Light. 6:00
1 Breathe Out The Air Slowly Until Your Lungs Will Be Empty, Modulate The Air Stream, Stare At Your Closed Eyelids, Look Around In All Directions Beneath Them, Open The Eyes With The Shortest Blinks 09:43
2 Get Around On The Edges And Diagonals Of The Imaginary Square On The Floor, Stand In The Middle Of The Square And Light The Fire, Stare Into It, Breath Through The Nose Only, Be Close To It As Much As You Can 05:38
3 Place A Mirror Near The Fire, Stare Into Your Face, Very Closely Draw On Your Reflection 05:45
4 Speed Up Your Breath, Each Breathe In Is The Deflection, Breath Out Is The Inclination 07:51
5 Grind Your Body, Irritate Your Skin By Scratching It By Faster And Faster Movements 03:24
6 Immerse Your Hand Into Water And Let Fall The Waterdrops On Your Face 08:10
7 Strike Hard With Your Fist Into Different Body Parts, As Much As You Can 03:27
8 Cover Yourself With Material Such As Blanket Or Film Of Some Kind And Coil Yourself Into The Position Of An Embrio. Listen For (The End) 11:59
9 Open All Doors And Windows, Turn On The Light, Dance With Your Head 06:11
10 Turn Off The Light, Stop Your Breath As Long As You Can 07:43
11 Light The Fire And Look Into The Flame Through Your Tears 07:44
12 Create Your Own Instruction


Edition of 300 in digipaks.

The album Kaktuus by KakofoNIKT is an interpretation and translating cactus experience into the language of sounds. The compositions are arranged as consecutive stages of the contact with the cactus – starting from preparations, peeling it off the skin and spines, going through all the stages of the sensations up to the extreme effects. Kaktuus is the result of experiments with sound perception, methods of improvisation and attempts to evoke peak experiences through music.