DJ & producer, mixing & mastering engineer, for my label electronic@uxiliary.netlabel.

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User History:
Joined this shitty site during V2 back when it was halfway decent & had a community when there wasn't such a fascist management-although at the time the corruption existed just not nearly to the extent that it is these days.
I joined with the intent to contribute information & to give back I also came with an ego (spamming) & possibly trolling which ultimately got me permanently banned from the forums (& even recent day voting "rights") by management ever since I joined.
I'm known as one of the users with the biggest wantlist using the wantlist as a way to cross reference good artists & labels, but had taken it too far before noticing the watchlist feature. I was never completely serious about the literal purpose of the wantlist.
I've recently began to really contribute since 2008 only because I've had more time to do so, but I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about it as I used to be with the events that have lead to how the site is these days. I still contribute for the same reasons, but somewhat regret doing so as I'm trying to improve something that I had stopped believing in.
I'm using this site & my contributions as a way to benefit a better music database site built by ex/users from this site. I'm not an active member at that site, but will be once I'm done here as this site will soon become completely inferior & obsolete if it isn't already.
As an active contributor my strengths are in grouping & correcting artists & labels as well as correcting flawed entries. I mostly submit MP3 releases as digital music is undeniably growing rapidly at an alarming rate.

User Accomplishments:

03/08 (pre V4) - 1k+ rank / 333+ contributed releases
10/08 - 2k+ rank
07/09 - 3k+ rank
11/20/09 - 1k votes
07/10 - 4,444+ rank
06/11 - 5k+ rank
04/22/2018 - 6k+ rank
12/01/2018 - 6047 rank :P

One of California's best electronic DJs & producers.

Mixing Style: Progressive & technical phrase mixing.

Thanks to fellow Ogger Doctor_Dave for helping me get rid of this record The Sign for his two records with uber fast shipping!! ;): It's Gonna Be... (A Lovely Day) & Showtime (There's Gonna Be A Rush)
Also thanks to another fellow Ogger nirvalex for trading me Cheyenne EP also with uber fast shipping.

To Every Ogger:

Intended for anyone reading my profile as well as the main reason I have one in the first place. Enjoy :):

My Platipus Records Message Board buddies: airportmaster, mystacool, LightForce, Sassot

Interesting links:

Live sound
Turbosound, EAW, JBL, Crown Audio, QSC Audio, Sweetwater (Retailer), Roland
Production software
Steinberg, Propellerhead, Ableton
MSI Computer, ASUS, Gigabyte, AMD, Seagate,
Pricewatch (PC marketplace), Linux OS, Sun (Solaris OS)
Social, Gaia Online
Archive - A free web hosting site.
All Music - An alternative to Discogs for musical information that is mostly directed towards other styles besides electronic music. Much more in depth than Discogs IMHO when it comes to biographies.

Anime Lyrics - Being that Discogs is a music database and I loving Japanese anime as well as its music, I figured why not put this link?! This is nice site for my own self reference of my favorite Japanime tunes from my favorite Japanime shows. The site also has lyrics from video games!

Lucy Pringle - An awesome link from Lucy Pringle that has a huge Crop Circle Photograph Library.

Music background info:

Information about my own musical interest styles are:
Electronic: Acid, Ambient, Breaks, Downtempo, Electro, House, Prog House/Trance, Psy Trance, Tech House, Techno, & Trance (wish I had more Jungle, Drum & Bass, & Experimental).
Synth Pop: New Order, The Cars, A-Ha, When In Rome, Pet Shop Boys, The Pretenders, The Cure, Blondie, Animotion, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, and Anything Box.
Rock: Tool, A Perfect Circle, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deftones, Led Zeplin, and Pink Floyd.
Hip-Hop (Conscious): Moka Only, Wu-Tang Clan, Canibus, Swollen Members, MF Doom, Danger Mouse, etc.
I have been listening to music since 5 years of age mostly to italo/european dance at that time. Currently my musical tastes are eclectic while also being strict on whether the music is of only of high quality production.

I've been listening to quality electronic music since 2000, collecting records since the Summer of 2002, and producing on Sonic Foundry's ACID Pro since April of 2004 & Steinberg's Nuendo since February 2006. I currently have 818 records [some of which are in my Odyssey CLP200P & KLT070 Clear boxes], 564 CDs, & 435 digital files.

Malaysia - A previous production alias of mine it's where I was born. Ironically enough I'm not of malaysian decent nor did I want my sound to really be limited, stereotyped, or associated as just malaysian hence choosing a more universal name. Music reminds me of my roots and to not take music and life in general for granted. No respect in selling out because there's more to music than just money the music itself is what represents the individual who created it.


Skateboarding itself for giving me something physically active to have fun with and just another reason to stay away from doing drugs.
Capcom for making the greatest fighting games, Squaresoft for making the best RPGs on the planet, the creators of the awesome WipEout video game series (Psygnosis & Studio Liverpool) as well as Mark Neal (Dusk Design), Justin 'Your Mum' Murray, & The Designers Republic for inspirational & innovative art. TV stations Adult Swim, Boomerang, & Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Food Network, Fuel, Discovery, National Geographic, Science, Travel Channel, Nicktoons, & XM Radio. Japanime. Remix Magazine. Rachel @ Rhino Records-Claremont, CA & Mad Platter-Riverside, CA. Massive thanks to all the quality electronic labels, artists, DJs, & events for introducing me to the sound and keeping it alive throughout the years. Finally, I would like to thank GEMM and these following vendors for their business: JP Disco Sounds, Records From Space, Underground Music Selections, Dj Timeless420, Chris Allen (Huge Thanks), Magnetic Shadows, Rovers Return, Opus Records, Lunasea Records,, Zincsounds, Miss Q Records (Huge Thanks), Dedicated Fool, Altitude Records, DT Records, Progressive Maddness, Milk Records (Thanks milkrecords!), Momentum, DPIM (Huge Thanks), David Hawes CD/Vinyl, Future Supply, I.V. Music, Lost And Found Records, & Metrowax Records.

최근 활동
제출됨 Sonoform - Warm Noodles. about 1 year ago
코멘트를 게시함 에 Photon Project - Enlightenment / Illumination. over 2 years ago
The vocal sample at the bridge of Enlightenment samples Norman Stansfield from the movie Leon: The Professional.
제출됨 Spazm - Street Fighter Alpha 2 Underground Mixxes [Da Soundz of Spasm]. over 3 years ago
제출됨 Marko Melo - Space / Infinity EP. over 3 years ago
제출됨 Overdream (2) - Vastly Forgotten. over 3 years ago
제출됨 Phylum Sinter - Siete De Mayo. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Various - Electropolis. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Phylum Sinter - Colony Collapse Reorder. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Various - soulseek sample series: 002 : acp. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Various - soulseek sample series: 001 : psy-sci. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Shaolin Shuffle - First Cell EP. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Anyer Quantum - Corrupted Meltdown. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Nervasystem - Kraal Mayalis. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Various - Psylent Conspiracy Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Legacy (26) - In The Zone. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Mustard Tiger - Textures. over 4 years ago
제출됨 TFHats* - Subnormal. over 4 years ago
제출됨 Various - Split. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Various - Swerrve Vol. 1. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Mozee & SundB - Bluelines / Idoka. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Various - House Selections Pt. 1. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Okiru - Epilogue. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Faxi Nadu - The Dangling Thread. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Marshall White - Into The White EP. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Get More & Fellis - West Coast Killa EP. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Okiru - Holding On. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Faxi Nadu - The Way Back. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Various - We Are Not Your Friends. over 5 years ago
제출됨 Various - Anomalistic Ballistic. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Smilk - Refresh EP. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Various - AEP001. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Tetrameth - Planting Seeds. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Various - The Sun Will Rise. over 6 years ago
제출됨 AstroPilot - Emptiness. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Sorrowmurk - The Origin. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Anix Gleo - Stupid Me And My Smart Computer EP. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Abberation - Through The Looking Glass. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Javi (17) - The Aural Exciter. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Tijah - Nocturnal Mind Tweaking. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Reactant - To & Fro. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Zeitgeist (7) - The Century Of Sins. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Brujo's Bowl - 900. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Sunspot (2) - Tales Of The Green Dragon. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Keamia - Sky Connected. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Infinite Freefall - First Encounters. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Azteknika - Twisted Minds. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Hidden Souls (2) - Shining Path. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Unwashed Tomato - Before Thought. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Antagon - Myesis EP. over 6 years ago
제출됨 Mergel - Night On A Cornfield. over 6 years ago