Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
thrns001 Atheos  album cover Rotkeller Atheos (EP) thrns001 Switzerland 2017 Sell This Version
thrns002 Clean Slate  album cover Addremove Clean Slate (EP) thrns002 Switzerland 2017 Sell This Version
thrns003 Silently Hopelessly  album cover Restive Plaggona Silently Hopelessly (Album) thrns003 Switzerland 2017 Sell This Version
thrns004 Hypnagogia  album cover Nigh/T\mare Hypnagogia (EP) thrns004 Switzerland 2018 Sell This Version
thrns005 Verdigris  album cover Atsushi Izumi Verdigris (EP) thrns005 Switzerland 2019 Sell This Version
thrnsmix001 Thrènes Mix 001  album cover Rotkeller Thrènes Mix 001(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix001 Switzerland 2016
thrnsmix002 Thrènes Mix 002  album cover Dimette Thrènes Mix 002(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix002 Switzerland 2016
thrnsmix003 Thrènes Mix 003  album cover Addremove Thrènes Mix 003(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix003 Switzerland 2016
thrnsmix004 Thrènes Mix 004  album cover Uhuruku Thrènes Mix 004(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix004 Switzerland 2016
thrnsmix005 Thrènes Mix 005  album cover Helena Markos (2) Thrènes Mix 005(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix005 Switzerland 2016
thrnsmix006 Thrènes Mix 006  album cover Anton Beatbox Thrènes Mix 006(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix006 Switzerland 2016
thrnsmix007 Thrènes Mix 007  album cover Finn Of Tomland Thrènes Mix 007(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix007 Switzerland 2016
thrnsmix008 Thrènes Mix 008  album cover Restive Plaggona Thrènes Mix 008(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix008 Switzerland 2016
thrnsmix009 Thrènes Mix 009  album cover Ꮋ Ꮁ Ꭱ Ꭲ Ꮲ Thrènes Mix 009(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix009 Switzerland 2017
thrnsmix010 Thrènes Mix 010  album cover Hysteric Agent Thrènes Mix 010(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix010 Switzerland 2017
thrnsmix011 Thrènes Mix 011  album cover Nigh/T\mare Thrènes Mix 011(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix011 Switzerland 2017
thrnsmix012 Thrènes Mix 012  album cover Nitrate (5) Thrènes Mix 012(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix012 Switzerland 2017
thrnsmix013 Thrènes Mix 013  album cover TikiTula Thrènes Mix 013(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix013 Switzerland 2017
thrnsmix014 Thrènes Mix 014  album cover Useless Position Thrènes Mix 014(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix014 Switzerland 2017
thrnsmix015 Thrènes Mix 015  album cover Spiraal Aurel Thrènes Mix 015(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix015 Switzerland 2018
thrnsmix016 Thrènes Mix 016  album cover Tales Of Psychofonia Thrènes Mix 016(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix016 Switzerland 2018
thrnsmix017 Thrènes Mix 017  album cover Terror Cognitive Dissonance Thrènes Mix 017(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix017 Switzerland 2018
thrnsmix018 Thrènes Mix 018  album cover Sella Turcica Thrènes Mix 018(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix018 Switzerland 2018
thrnsmix019 Thrènes Mix 019  album cover Rustee (3) Thrènes Mix 019(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix019 Switzerland 2018
thrnsmix020 Thrènes Mix 020  album cover sch_tsch Thrènes Mix 020(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix020 Switzerland 2018
thrnsmix021 Thrènes Mix 021  album cover KARA (37) Thrènes Mix 021(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix021 Switzerland 2018
thrnsmix022 Thrènes Mix 022  album cover Ezuri Thrènes Mix 022(File, MP3, Mixed) Thrènes thrnsmix022 Switzerland 2019