Electron Emitter

Electron Emitter

Electron Emitter is a Lithuanian electronic music record label, event organiser, promoting electronic music of various styles in all solar system and encouraging artists to create.

Their philosophy is to be free from predefined genres – encouraging new, unexpected ideas. That is why you will rarely see names of genres on their page. Instead, releases are divided into four distinctive fields for the convenience of listeners, so they can easily find similar releases to those they like.

Also known as former Elektrosfera Netlabel.
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Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
EEM001 Timesteal  album cover Belekaip Timesteal(9xFile, WAV, Album) Electron Emitter EEM001 Lithuania 2013
EEM002 Kitas Krantas  album cover Various Kitas Krantas(19xFile, WAV, Comp) Electron Emitter EEM002 Lithuania 2013
EEM003 Fuzzy Dizzy Broadcast  album cover Makarmic Fuzzy Dizzy Broadcast(4xFile, WAV, EP) Electron Emitter EEM003 Lithuania 2014
EEM004 Beyond The Holographic Universe  album cover Aranyo Beyond The Holographic Universe(8xFile, WAV, Album) Electron Emitter EEM004 Lithuania 2014
EEM005 Dreams IV  album cover The Picturesque Episodes Dreams IV(10xFile, WAV, Album) Electron Emitter EEM005 Lithuania 2014
EEM006 Third Capital  album cover Otherkind Third Capital(12xFile, WAV, Album) Electron Emitter EEM006 Lithuania 2014
EEM007 Photosynthesis  album cover Various Photosynthesis(27xFile, WAV, Comp) Electron Emitter EEM007 Lithuania 2014
EEM008 The Arms Without Head  album cover KiB The Arms Without Head(7xFile, WAV, Album) Electron Emitter EEM008 Lithuania 2014
EEM009 SORLAK  album cover Weedie SORLAK(12xFile, WAV, Album) Electron Emitter EEM009 Lithuania 2014
EEM010 Carbon Dub  album cover Belekaip Carbon Dub(10xFile, WAV, Album) Electron Emitter EEM010 Lithuania 2014
EEM011 Indefinable  album cover Number Eleven Indefinable (Album) EEM011 Lithuania 2014 Sell This Version
EEM012 Blur  album cover Number Eleven Blur(11xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM012 Lithuania 2015
EEM013 Results May Vary  album cover Soma Happiens Results May Vary(CDr, Album) Electron Emitter EEM013 Lithuania 2016 Sell This Version
EEM014 Labirintas (Red Version)  album cover Sinage Labirintas (Red Version)(CDr, Album) Electron Emitter EEM014 Lithuania 2016 Sell This Version
EEM015 Protrusion  album cover Number Eleven Protrusion(11xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM015 Lithuania 2016
EEM016 ILYA  album cover Noise Ladder ILYA(Cass, Album) Electron Emitter EEM016 Lithuania 2016 Sell This Version
EEM017 Short Message Service  album cover Kib Short Message Service(File, WAV, Album) Electron Emitter EEM017 Lithuania 2016
EEM018 Machine Learning  album cover Deltahedron Machine Learning(File, WAV, EP) Electron Emitter EEM018 Lithuania 2016
EEM019 Maddest Sanity  album cover eww Maddest Sanity(CDr, Album) Electron Emitter EEM019 Lithuania 2017 Sell This Version
EEM020 Autism  album cover Number Eleven Autism(11xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM020 Lithuania 2017
EEM021 Medžių Kapai  album cover KiB Medžių Kapai(File, MP3, WAV) Electron Emitter EEM021 Lithuania 2017
EEM022 Genetic Transplant  album cover Hypercube Genetic Transplant(6xFile, MP3, EP, 320) Electron Emitter EEM022 Lithuania 2017
EEM023 From The Vaults  album cover No(Spin) From The Vaults(File, FLAC, MP3, Album) Electron Emitter EEM023 Lithuania 2017
EEM024 /inter  album cover ref/inter /inter(File, FLAC, MP3, Album) Electron Emitter EEM024 Lithuania 2017
EEM025 Strict  album cover Number Eleven Strict(11xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM025 Lithuania 2017
EEM026 9  album cover Kib 9(File, FLAC, MP3, Album) Electron Emitter EEM026 Lithuania 2017
EEM027 Meridian  album cover Ministik Meridian(File, FLAC, MP3, Album) Electron Emitter EEM027 Lithuania 2017
EEM028 MISZKA  album cover Noise Ladder MISZKA(File, FLAC, MP3, Album, RE) Electron Emitter EEM028 Lithuania 2018
EEM029 Flying Bricks  album cover Number Eleven Flying Bricks(10xFile, FLAC, EP) Electron Emitter EEM029 Lithuania 2018
EEM030 Generation of Power  album cover Deltahedron Generation of Power(File, FLAC, EP) Electron Emitter EEM030 Lithuania 2018
EEM031 I Follow  album cover EWW I Follow(File, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM031 Lithuania 2018
EEM032 Sinwave  album cover Sinage Sinwave(12xFile, FLAC, MP3) Electron Emitter EEM032 Lithuania 2018
EEM033 Conservation of Angular Momentum  album cover Ersha Conservation of Angular Momentum(8xFile, FLAC) Electron Emitter EEM033 Lithuania 2018
EEM034 Modular Telepathy  album cover Hypercube Modular Telepathy(7xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM034 Lithuania 2018
EEM035 iwbiactnle  album cover ref/inter iwbiactnle(3xFile, FLAC, MP3, EP) Electron Emitter EEM035 Lithuania 2018
EEM036 confirm humanity  album cover bolus confirm humanity(4xFile, FLAC, MP3, EP) Electron Emitter EEM036 Lithuania 2018
EEM037 Entropy  album cover Wolf Wrams Entropy(8xFile, FLAC, MP3, Album) Electron Emitter EEM037 Lithuania 2018
EEM038 Fixatif.v.  album cover Kib Fixatif.v.(9xFile, FLAC, MP3, Album) Electron Emitter EEM038 Lithuania 2018
EEM039 Event  album cover Number Eleven Event(11xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM039 Lithuania 2018
EEM040 Dreams V  album cover The Picturesque Episodes Dreams V(8xFile, FLAC, MP3) Electron Emitter EEM040 Lithuania 2018
EEM041 The Cat Has Cometh!  album cover EWW The Cat Has Cometh!(File, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM041 Lithuania 2019
EEM042 Quant Bunker  album cover Wolf Wrams Quant Bunker(8xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM042 Lithuania 2019
EEM043 Aukštai  album cover Nortas Aukštai(5xFile, FLAC, EP) Electron Emitter EEM043 Lithuania 2019
EEM044 perceived redness of an evening sky  album cover Bolus perceived redness of an evening sky(4xFile, FLAC, EP) Electron Emitter EEM044 Lithuania 2019
EEM045 Drinkable Coolant  album cover Number Eleven Drinkable Coolant(10xFile, FLAC, EP) Electron Emitter EEM045 Lithuania 2019
EEM046 Lithuanian Metrica  album cover Kib Lithuanian Metrica(4xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM046 Lithuania 2019
EEM047 Divider  album cover I Am The Band Divider(5xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM047 Lithuania 2019
EEM048 Aukštai II  album cover Nortas Aukštai II(4xFile, FLAC, EP) Electron Emitter EEM048 Lithuania 2019
EEM049 Whispers  album cover No(Spin) Whispers(11xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM049 Lithuania 2019
EEM050 Resistance  album cover Number Eleven Resistance(11xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM050 Lithuania 2019
EEM051 All Things Must Pass  album cover Nullva All Things Must Pass(4xFile, FLAC, EP) Electron Emitter EEM051 Lithuania 2020
EEM052 The Most Beautiful Flowers In The World  album cover Kib The Most Beautiful Flowers In The World(7xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM052 Lithuania 2020
EEM053 Noise is Color in Silence #01  album cover Noise Ladder Noise is Color in Silence #01(2xFile, FLAC, EP) Electron Emitter EEM053 Lithuania 2020
EEM054 genealogija A: 2017-2018  album cover Entropija genealogija A: 2017-2018(10xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM054 Lithuania 2020
EEM055 leelya  album cover Kol9remesez leelya(10xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM055 Lithuania 2020
EEM057 No name Vol.0  album cover s-u-nDOWN No name Vol.0(4xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM057 Lithuania 2020
EEM058 VV  album cover Sinage VV(7xFile, FLAC, EP) Electron Emitter EEM058 Lithuania 2020
EEM059 MM  album cover Sinage MM(7xFile, FLAC, EP) Electron Emitter EEM059 Lithuania 2020
EEM060 genealogija B: 2016-2018  album cover Entropija genealogija B: 2016-2018(10xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM060 Lithuania 2020
EEM061 VII  album cover s-u-nDOWN VII(7xFile, FLAC, Album) Electron Emitter EEM061 Lithuania 2021