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American jazz record label, production company, and publishing house founded in Detroit, Michigan in 1972 by by trombonist Phil Ranelin and reed player Wendell Harrison. For company references to Tribe Records please use Tribe Records (14)

For five years, the collective of jazz musicians ran their own label Tribe Records, where they proudly put forward the message "Music is the healing force of the Universe." In addition to the record company, Tribe held a publishing house for a magazine and a production company under its roof. The collective of musicians also included Marcus Belgrave, Harold McKinney, Ron Brooks, Charles Moore, Doug Hammond, among others. In addition to releasing jazz records in the early 1970's, the collective also published a black awareness magazine.

Message From The Tribe (An Anthology Of Tribe Records: 1972-1976), originally issued in 1996 by Soul Jazz Records Universal Sound imprint (and re-issued in 2010 with new packaging), gives an overview of Tribe's output during its five-year run.

Parent Label:Tribe Records (14)
Contact Info:

81 Chandler St.
Detroit, MI 48202
(Contact info now obsolete)

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