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Based in Detroit, Michigan, US. Active since 2005. Releases mainly extreme and experimental music. The label is maintained by Jay Paul Watson and collaborates with many underground labels through the world. Over 500+ releases since 2005, ranging from Harsh Noise, Cybergrind, Black Metal, Horrorcore, Underground Rap, Breakcore, Vaporwave, Punk, Hardcore, Jazz, World Music, Death Metal, Jpop, and way more. Notable artists released include Dental Work. Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Menacide, Esham, Simken Heights, The Dayton Family, Project Born, Stale Dale aka D-Lyrical of ICP, Merzbow, Archagathus, Mochipet, Hujiko Pro, Scissor Shock, RedSK, Watabou, crochetcatpause, Bubblegum Octopus, catsystemcorp, MensVreters, BBQ, Khrysalis, 7 Mile Clee, Neisha Neshea, Team Eastside, Dallas Raines, Mortiis, Sodoma Gomora, Butchers Harem, Bizarre of D-12, King Gordy, Erythrite Throne, Scumbag Fred, Torturing Nurse, Black Mayonnaise, Bologna Violenta, SULSA, Ritual Chair, Gozza, Dice, Q-Strange, Mauthausen Orchestra, Mauricio Bianchi, yeongrak, Gazawat, Nerfbau, alienslang, Dialtedears, Bonus Beast, Bad Mind, and literally hundreds more. Known for doing releases that help local charities such as Detroit Dog Rescue and local women and children’s shelters. Anti-politics, anti-abuse, anti-normalcy.

Contact Info:

Jay Watson

[email protected]

Links:Bandcamp , , Facebook , Instagram , MySpace , Soundcloud , X , YouTube


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