French label specializing in Congolese music, founded in 1966 as a collaboration between Eugène Willy Pelgrims de Bigard's companies Fonior, Sofrason and Ecodis (al part of IPG since 1973). After IPG's bankruptcy in March 1980 the whole catalogue was taken over by the Sonodisc group, based in Paris. SonoDisc merged with the Musisoft Next Group in 1998. When the company went into liquidation in 2005 it was bought by the Adageo group which began reissuing SonoDisc’s Congolese catalogue on the Suave label.

Using the companies' large distribution network parts of the pressings were shipped to Africa for distribution in selected African markets/countries wherever Congolese music was in demand. Additionally the label also reached out to some African expatriate and student communities in large European capitals and other cities by ensuring batches of releases were reaching selected small music shops and small businesses patronized by the members of those African communities.

Parent Label:Sonodisc
Sublabels:African Jazz (2), African Records (2), Afrizam, Alamoule, Allez-y Frères Soki, Almayi, Amelia, Amigo Star (2), Apollo (15), Authenticité, ... ,


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