Tripedal Crow Records

Tripedal Crow Records

Tripedal Crow Records is an independant record label run by Jahyu, aiming at exhibiting his interpretation of 'Universal Sound In The Lineage Of The Sun'.
Transporting the balance of earth-shaking bass, drums and authentic melodies – a Universal Sound that is rootikal, conscious, diverse and specifically made for sound systems.

The Tripedal Crow symbolizes the sun in ancient Korean history and goes peacefully with Roots & Culture. To keep the message in the music and the music in the message, it contains the both Asian and Rastafarian culture rooted idea of unity. Each cut also holds the balance of the soft Yin and the hard Yang: The hard Yang tone takes the spiritual, the soft Yin tone the entertaining and appeasing part.
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Status Catalog Number  Image Artist Title ( Format) Label Catalog Number  Country Year Actions
DARK001 Jahyu - Azalea [Darkplate 001] Jahyu Azalea [Darkplate 001](Lathe, 10", Ltd, Num) Tripedal Crow Records DARK001 Germany 2022 Sell This Version
ROOT001 JahYu - Intimacy / Public Madness JahYu Intimacy / Public Madness(Lathe, 10", Ltd, Num) Rootplate ROOT001 Germany 2019 Sell This Version
ROOT002 Jahyu x Baptiste (6) x Bukkha - Rootplate 002 Jahyu x Baptiste (6) x Bukkha Jahyu x Baptiste (6) x Bukkha - Rootplate 002(Lathe, 10", Ltd, Num) Rootplate ROOT002 Germany 2021 Sell This Version
TCR001 JahYu - Circumfluent Spirits EP JahYu Circumfluent Spirits EP(12", EP, Ltd) Tripedal Crow Records TCR001 Germany 2016 Sell This Version
TCR002 JahYu - Freedom of Movement JahYu Freedom of Movement(12", Ltd) Tripedal Crow Records TCR002 Germany 2017 Sell This Version