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For more than a decade, Rubellan Remasters has performed professional audio remastering for various labels for release on CD, LP and digital download. Great care is taken to provide unsurpassed quality while maintaining dynamic range. In 2018, Rubellan Remasters started licensing and releasing their own CD and LP reissues with a focus on obscure and 80's Alternative/New Wave classics, often including rare bonus material and producing brand new dynamic remasters for each release.

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  • antkay44's avatar
    I appreciate that they are limited editions which make them collectable, but they are so limited that I was unable to pick up all the Visage on CD format – I am just wondering whether they would ever consider a limited re-pressing? Just look at the price that some copies are going for – in excess of £100 which is crazy for a CD and inaffordable for the likes of most, even major music collectors like myself.
    • MEAN_MUSTARD's avatar
      I own 12 of the CD releases and the quality is simply the finest to be found any where!

      • bgrant570's avatar
        Rubellan's remasters of the first four Oingo Boingo albums are amazing. I've been a fan of the band since the 80's (yes I'm old) and I've listened to every song hurdreds of times in the last 30 to 40 years. These are not just reissues, they are true REMASTERS. I can say that in Rubellan's remasters I have heard things that I never knew were there. I'm not sure I'll ever listen to my originals again. Also, the album covers for the vinyl are superb...not just a bad copy of the original. Really wonderful stuff, and I can only assume the rest of the catalog is the same.
        • wtdk's avatar
          I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with the label. I’m not really clear what is going on here but from what I understand someone wanted to post rips of the albums that Rubellan online without the labels permission after trying to resell titles here for a massive profit. If that’s the case, posting the rips is something that the label can’t give permission to do-it would violate the contract of the label (to my understanding). Anyhow, I’ve purchased a number of titles from the label and have no issues or problems. One can choose not to support a label anytime but bad mouthing the sound quality (when all of the remasters have been stellar IMHO) because they have a disagreement unrelated to the product, services provided related to the product strikes me as wrong. Perhaps focusing only on business rather than venting persona; issues would be the right approach. Anyhow, my two cents is that this is a terrific reissue label that has done quality reissues of classic and out-of-print or overlooked titles. I look forward to more releases from the label!
          • sidewaysmontez's avatar
            Took Boingo tapes with nothing wrong with them and made them sound even better. Crazy clarity and bass. Obviously people don’t like his policy to not stream, which is pretty standard for audiophile labels.
            Maybe they should review the business and products itself rather than the drama.
            • Somnium_Obmutum's avatar
              Edited 2 years ago
              Don't be scared by questionable design and the label name. These guys actually do care about what they are doing, sometimes by putting extra effort in their releases: bonus tracks, extra mastering, etc. Many of their remasters puts big labels to shame. The sound is often crystal clear, when necessary there is an extra buff, great balancing between vocals and other instruments. Sometimes they include rare or unreleased stuff and don't try to charge extra for that. Truly bright example of enthusiast work done right.

              • MediumCoolJerry's avatar
                Nice clean remasters, no compression, with bonus tracks. Mostly 80's post punk, new wave, & synth pop. If you want to add compression, like for club play, these are great as a starting point.
                • patientot's avatar
                  Edited 4 years ago
                  A great reissue label doing right by the CD format, reissuing obscurities from the 80s "new wave/alternative" era.