Jolly Hi-Fi Records


Italian label launched in 1958 by Walter Guertler and mostly used in the late 50s/60s.
Related to and sometimes credited as Jolly (mostly used from the early 70s).
Please credit depending on the logos.

- 20000 series was primarily intended for Italian artists but it featured also some South American artists.
- 30000 series featured a number of American artists but in practice it was a real container production for the French label Barclay.
- There were also series 40000, 50000 and 53000 with mixed productions and quantitatively very limited.
- The Extended Play 1000 series was the counterpart to the 20000 series, while the 2000 was connected to the 30000 series. The EPs also used numbers 3000 and 4000.
- Allocated to LPs, apart from the very limited use of numbers 3000, 4000 and 7000, was the 5000 series.

Sometimes, "Jolly Hi-Fi Records" can be found on the flipside, when Joker Hi-Fi Records is label on A side.

Parent Label:Saar s.r.l.
Sublabels:Il Girasole, Parata Di Successi (2)


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