Label established by Andy Maddocks, based in Manchester, UK.

Parent Label:Skam Records
Sublabels:30mil Recordings, 33, AMKS, Kasm, MASK (6), Skullsnap Records, SMAK
Contact Info:

po box 76
Manchester, m45 7xw.

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  • phonoforumdotcom's avatar
    Edited 11 years ago
    One of the most influential IDM labels ever.
    • neilvassallo's avatar
      Edited 17 years ago
      SKAM a label with over 15 years of history of music… its sounds trembles you around. As a label it is full of rarities, maybe this is because the limit they issue their releases. Relatively tads of the releases are the kind, more you listen, more you value. For me the good thing of this label is that they fuss on a style and the best for them they issue, result of this is the few releases in 15years.
      Well … listen to this music and follow this label!!!
      • noviellion's avatar
        Edited 10 years ago
        Skam is a label that does what they want and how they want it, and it works. They do no advertising for upcoming albums except for on their own website (which used to be a navigational challenge on its own). The releases are pretty abstract at times but also very rich in sonic variety. Some releases are vinyl only and in limited quantity. The designers of the sleeve art and fonts are quite talented artist in their own right. It's exactly what I like about experimental music. It's the complete package.
        • maybitmabel's avatar
          Just when you think Skam is going off the boil it pulls something amazing out from behind its back. The last Wevie Stonder ep (Kenyan harry) and the Shadow Huntaz 7" were just not worthy of release on any label let alone a label of Skam's reputation. Then you get records like the team doyobi remix ep and quinoline yellow's cyriak parasol which just sound like vintage Skam and all is forgiven. Guess I'll be paying attention to the label for a while longer yet...
          • Mr.Jay's avatar
            Edited 22 years ago
            Wicked label that always produces quality music, but marred by the fact that most of it is released in limited amounts that are near impossible to track down and these are bought and traded by absolute geeks for stupid sums of money who then never listen to them and just store them away to sell the next time they need money for computer components. Best releases are the Gescom singles (Autechre alias) and the Boards of Canada album (joint release with Warp) which is exceptional.