Not to be confused with Musidisc (5), which, for currently unknown reasons, features the same brand.

French label, distributor, copyright holder also present in UK, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Mexico.

Oldest French Musidisc releases detected for now were released ca.1961-62 with cat# 30 L 21##, see 30 L 2103, 30 L 2107, 30 L 2108 and extracts of this early catalogue on back cover of those releases. Early Musidisc also as licensing company on this 1961 Spanish release with an America Records logo.

Musidisc catalog was sold to Universal Music Group in 1999

Distributed in:
-France by owner Musidisc-Europe until early 80s / Distribution Musidisc from late 70s.
-Argentina by Musidisc S.A. / EMI-Odeon S.A.I.C. / Musidisc Europe Sudamericana S.A.I.C. y F.
-Mexico by Discos Musart
-Spain by Marfer, S.A.
-Italy by Saar s.r.l. / Fonit Cetra S.p.A.
-UK by APT (2)

NOTE: MU xxx on back cover of releases is not a cat# but a price code.

For unofficial releases, see Musidisc (3)

Parent Label:Universal Music Group
Sublabels:18 Disco-Hits Non Stop, Blues Anthology (3), Collection Grands Opéras, Collection Or, Collection Richesse Classique, Collection Variété, Collection Variétés, Cum Laude Serie, DCA (5), Jazz Anthology, ...
Contact Info:

ARGENTINA: Pje. Del Carmen 750, piso 6 "B" (1019) Buenos Aires, Argentina. Phone+Fax: (54-1) 814 - 1989.


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