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Independent US jazz record label, founded by Tom Albach in 1979. Nimbus West was founded after Albach listened to some tapes he bought from Horace Tapscott. The label is a look into the spiritual jazz scene in LA in the late 70s and early 80s. In the early 80s, Tom moved to Amsterdam and released some artists there as well.

Parent Label:Nimbus Recording Co.
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P.O. Box 50146
Albuquerque, NM 87181
[email protected]

Box 205
Santa Barbara, CA 93102
(Contact info now obsolete) , Bandcamp


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  • conzoom's avatar
    Edited 10 months ago
    Theres a very interesting and detailed story about "Horace Tapscott, Tom Albach and the Story of Nimbus West Records", over at Analog Planet: . A well worthy read!
    • ruderoy121's avatar
      Edited 3 years ago
      If you like Strata East records, Strata records from Detroit, Black Jazz records, Tribe records, Zulu records just to name a few labels, do not miss out on one of the later records being produced by Nimbus in the west, these sides show that the torch was still burning in the 80s when the others were dying.
      I remember about the late 1990s or the early 2000s Honest Jons records, Ladbroke Grove, London, United Kingdom. Had i believe the whole catalogue on vinyl, multiple copies all sealed and brand new, they must have got them from the supplier or warehouse.
      They were selling them at normal record prices.
      I would buy a sealed copy of the Horace Tapscott With The Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra Live At I.U.C.C., then return and buy another copy for safe keeping after listening to the dynamic music being produced, Then see other sealed copy's on the shelf, so i did this with other Nimbus albums. Only to find the prices go through the roof in later years, so now i have many original Nimbus West albums some doubles even still sealed all in pristine condition, boy those were lovely times pre-internet explosion