Rephlex Bloni3

September 1, 2016
G@R said not to worry about being done trading, Rephlex served its time well, and "Now we have much more to do" pretty awesome stuff is coming every1, don't worry stuff is going on

Rephlex Chalybs

July 27, 2015
One of the most unique labels to have ever been. Glad to see artist reuploading their work on Bandcamp, though.

Rephlex L13

November 6, 2014
depressing that it's over
truly the end of an era
i have to give grant props for hanging in there as long as he did
i wonder why rdj didn't want to keep it going if only for his own vanity releases

Rephlex g4m4de

November 4, 2014
So is the label "dead" ? :( That just simply cannot be......

Rephlex octo7

July 3, 2014
Is Rephlex closing down? : (

Rephlex elitist_loser

August 21, 2014
Without following the tradition of releasing a best-of and bad records before that ?

Rephlex Sordo

May 22, 2014
Oh, now points to this site.

Rephlex player

January 25, 2014
Just re-discovered this label! Brilliant!!!!

Rephlex makinmeitch

June 15, 2013
Hey Brother,

3 years have passed, but I am finally here to help you.

The record you are wondering about is:-

I own it, but it has taken me until now to work out what it is (other than it being Rephlex), so I feel your pain.


Rephlex SeriousCyrus

September 8, 2010
Maybe someone can help, I'm going through some of my old vinyl and I have a record with a plain blue label with a white sticker on it reading "Rephlex No.1". I always thought (and it sounds like) it was an AFX record but the discography up there says not, but I'm pretty sure it's not Brad Strider. I can't remember where I bought it, I was probably stoned, There are 3 tracks on either side

Scratched in the lead out are the following
"The Kommando has returned" (wasn't that one of his pseudonyms?)
"TB-303 Side A/b"
"Made at Lianner log, UK"
"(d) + (c) 1992"
"Thanks to rephlex and probe"



Rephlex a.d.2000

December 12, 2012
Universal Indicator - Dark Angel

Rephlex MeesterFett

September 23, 2010
That will be UNIVERSAL INDICATOR BLUE my friend ;-)

Rephlex as reviewed by neilvassallo

November 6, 2006
edited over 10 years ago
Rephlex… A label already full-size by knowing who one of the founders is, a Masterpiece in his field. Quite an open label in electronic music… Gathering artists from around the world for one reason which is music! Hope/wishing that this label continues to exist and to be destructive in its way as it always had been. A Wish to go one of their nights a Dream to be one of their Artists.

Rephlex as reviewed by joostay

December 21, 2005
edited over 11 years ago
From Global Goon and Bogdan R to Pusher, Ovuca and AFX - this really is one of the most diverse and respected labels out there. With Warp seemingly switching ever so slowly to guitar based acts I wonder if, in time, some their roster will soon be gracing Twin's label. I love Warp too of course – but there is just something about Rephlex that's so fucking cool. Granted, some of their releases are questionable: Fuschimuschi and Lektrogirl for instance (i don't see how under-produced + shit = good), but all in all there's something for every electronic taste. They're even re-releasing classic stuff like 808state and Stakker. I used to collect Action Force figures as a wee kid. Now I collect Rephlex.

Rephlex as reviewed by afxacidgabba

April 19, 2004
Aside Warp, and followed closely by Planet Mu, Rephlex is one of the number one Electronica labels to date. Founded by Aphex Twin and Grant Wilson Claridge it has been home to many greats. Mike Paradinas, Bogdan Raczynski and not forgetting where the legend Tom Jenkinson started off. Now over 150 releases and the labels still going strong. With recent releases by Luke Vibert and the long-running cylob and with more Aphex Twin (well AFX) just around the corner the future of Braindance is looking awesome!!

Rephlex as reviewed by Plasticfan

March 25, 2004
Rephlex is a label I have grown up with and followed through my years as not only a DJ, but a music lover also. I too had the chance to catch them on their recent USA tour, the highlight for me, meeting Plasticman (not Richie Hawtin!!) what a nice guy, and the darkest dubbiest beats I've heard for years. The Grime LP forthcoming is going to fly off shelves worldwide, and Rephlex will be the label to finally give the genre it's space in the limelight with releases from the scene's greatest asset - Plasticman. Throw Mark One and Slaughter Mob in for good measure and Rephlex are onto yet again another smash hit!! Keep pushing the original sounds Grant and co. :)

Rephlex as reviewed by wfkroll

March 22, 2004
This label has been one of my favorites for many years now. Even though I may not dig every single thing they release, the ones that are good are total classics. I got the opportunity to see Bogdan and Soundmurderer in Cleveland, Ohio last week and saw one of the greatest musical evenings in recent memory. They put on a hell of a show and then stuck around to chat afterwards. They were all extremely nice people, especially Grant Wilson...if any of you get the chance to see'em go for it, you won't be disappointed.

Rephlex as reviewed by Illabadilla

September 18, 2001
edited over 15 years ago
This is where the whole "Braindance" thing got started. The label was co-founded by Aphex Twin! Between this and Warp and arguably Skam, the style has gotten a cult following since the early 90's.