Vinyl 180 BarBlancRecords

October 18, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
Sorry, but why are record labels wasting their time re-pressing albums that can be easily found in any $1 bin in any used record store? Why not focus on pressing/re-pressing albums that have NEVER received a vinyl pressing or albums that only ever had a very limited vinyl pressing run. There are way too many unnecessary reissues out there.

Vinyl 180 puckdefender

December 28, 2017
The reason they do this is because people want pristine versions of these albums, either way they sell so there is a reason for them to exist. Hope that helps =)

Vinyl 180 rjam

May 3, 2015
No problems with products from Vinyl180 so far.

Vinyl 180 as reviewed by soundandlight

March 28, 2012
Simply Vinyl under another name? That would explain the noise as those pressings are all atrocious. As for the split seams it's a no-brainer when dealing with 180 grams of wax: take the discs out of the sleeves to ship. Duh! Shrinkwrapping is the kiss of death all around. Bends the sleeves and forces the discs to stay inside which practically guarantees split seams. Problem is that everyone in the U.S. thinks that if a product isn't overly wrapped in plastic it can't be new. Typical U.S. consumer mentality.

Vinyl 180 yogamarc

April 3, 2011
edited over 8 years ago
Not feeling the love so far for Vinyl 180. The titles they've selected are amazing but my experience with the pressings has been disappointing. DCD box arrived with all jackets split and all vinyl has an unhealthy amount of surface noise. Lisa Gerrard's the mirror pool has a horrible amount of surface noise as well. Packages are cool - but seriously, if you can't deliver on the sound, who's to care. I'm not giving up and will give them all another cleaning with my Okki Nokki (which is awesome and a vinyl saver!) Cocteau twins on the way (with trepidation). Anyone else experience a quality issue with these pressings?
- UPDATE - Great sound! - Just listened to Bauhaus, Gary Numan and Cocteau twins and I'm happy to report the annoying hiss and pops were not present here. I will say - all inside and outside seams for Cocteau Twins Box and Bauhaus were split. All. Hopefully they can figure this out with some of the promising new releases due out.

Vinyl 180 ivoguy

December 17, 2018
edited 7 months ago
Buy a Sugarcube SC-1, and say goodbye to the vinyl pops and noise on your DCD and Lisa Gerrard LPs. It really works. It's like magic. I have the Mirror Pool, and it always sounded horrible because of the noise, pops, and clicks. Now it sounds perfect with the SC-1. It sounds flawless.