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Golden World Records was a Detroit, Michigan, USA-based record label owned by Eddie Wingate and his wife Joanne Jackson Bratton. Golden World operated from 1962 to 1968. Irving Biegel had been manager at the label after spending four years at Motown. In 1966, he moved to Palmer.

The label and its subsidiaries were purchased by Berry Gordy in 1968, and folded into Gordy's Motown Record Corporation. The Golden World studio became Motown's "Studio B", working in support of the original Motown recording studio (Studio A) at Hitsville USA. Before its purchase by Gordy, the studio's recordings often included moonlighting Motown back-up musicians, including James Jamerson on bass and George McGregor, who was the studio percussionist.

Parent Label:Golden World Records, Inc.
Sublabels:Maltese, Myto Music, Volkano
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