EMI Electrola GmbH


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German subdivision of EMI Records from 1972 to 2002.
Responsible holding company of the EMI Electrola trademark / label.
Also operating recording and mastering studios as well as a vinyl pressing plant until 1993.

Vinyl identification:
German releases
- with a stamped runout pattern ## #### - A-1 / B-1 (1972 - 1979) or ####### A1 / B1 (1980 - 1993), without any further information. ## ##### is the partial
- GEMA only.

Releases with GEMA and STEMRA, etched matrix or additional letters / numbers, were pressed by EMI Services Benelux B.V. (until mid 1987 only).
When the Dutch vinyl production ended in mid 1987, the 7" single manufacturing was transferred to EMI Electrola GmbH (ca. 2.8 million units).
The LP and 12" output (ca. 4.8 million LPs and 1.2 million 12"s) was split 50-50 between the Cologne and Chatou plants.
Dutch records pressed in Cologne since 1987 also carry GEMA and STEMRA.

7" center label / stamper rings:
Paper labels with diameter = 8,1 cm
Slight slope starting at ca. 1,2 cm (from label edge), ca. 1 cm wide (until center hole).
A 0,5 cm wide elevated ring with serrations and another ~0,5 cm wide ring between the serrations and the paper labels.

12" and LP center labels / stamper rings:
Printed paper labels with diameter = 10 cm.
Stamper ring diameter = 3,2 cm (width 1,2 cm to spindle hole).
The overall label area is slightly elevated from the runout area and the stamper ring itself is very accentuated so that the area to the spindle hole may appear slightly lower or slightly elevated. Often the ring has damaged the paper labels.

The Cologne plant was the very first of the EMI plants to press from DMM copper plates (and the second one in Germany, after Teldec Nortorf). Initial trials began mid 1983 and the results were sufficiently impressive to also implement DMM presses in the EMI Records UK and French plants (where pressing began in early/mid 1984).

2002 was a year of reorganisation within the German EMI companies. EMI Electrola GmbH & Co. KG merged with the Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co. KG and formed EMI Music Germany GmbH & Co. KG.

This is a company profile, please use this page only as 2nd label on releases with the appearance of "EMI Electrola GmbH", where appropriate.
For "EMI Electrola"-branded releases (1972-2002), use EMI Electrola.
For "ELECTROLA"-branded EMI releases use Electrola. For "Columbia"-branded EMI releases (usually 1952-1972) use Columbia.
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Labels handled by EMI Electrola GmbH were:
EMI (LC 0542)
Electrola (LC 0193)
Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (LC 0761)
Spin Records (LC 3005)
Welt-Rekord (LC 7060)
Harvest (LC 1305)
Capitol Records (LC 0148)
Private Stock Records (LC 3475)
Arista (LC 3484)
RAK (LC 1750)
Odeon (LC 0287)
Papagayo (LC 6712)

For adding a company (manufacturer/distributor/marketer) to releases prior to 1972 please use EMI Electrola GmbH's predecessor Electrola Gesellschaft m.b.H. when appropriate.

Parent Label:EMI Group Plc
Sublabels:★ In Concert, Advertising Dep. EMI Electrola, Beka, CDL - Cologne Dance Label, Collection, Cool Groove, Creative Services EMI Electrola, Dacapo (2), Der Goldene Trichter, Die Grossen Dirigenten Unser Zeit, ...
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Maarweg 149
Postfach 450363
D-5000 Cologne 30


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    1 C 063-29 086 - Berühmte Orgeln Europas - Werner Jacob an der Gebr. Heidenreich-Orgel zu St. Michaelis, Hof

    Mendelssohn: Sonata für Orgel A-dur op. 65 Nr. 3
    Liszt: Variationen für Orgel "Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zeigen"
    Reubke: Sonate für Orgel c-moll

    Werner Jacob, orgel

    Produzent: Gerd Berg
    Tonmeister: Eva Masuch
    ℗ 1973