Iberofon, S.A.


Correct spelling is Iberofón, S.A.
Spanish record and cassette manufacturer and owner of Iberofon label.
Founded in July 1959. Established their own record pressing plant in 1963 and cassette duplication started by the end of the 1960's.
First Spanish CD manufacturing plant since 1987 in a joint venture with BMG..

Permiso Iberofon nº 5854 (also found on some records is 6714 - 5854).

Bought by Bertelsmann AG in 2006 and renamed to Arvato Digital Services. Closed down in March 2014.

Please use the sister company Ibermemory, S.A. for CDs (since 1987).

Vinyl matrix patterns (always etched):
# N¹ or # N¹ DM or # N¹ DMI
# N² or # N² DMI
# N³ or # N³ DM or # N³ DMI or # N³ DMM

30112210-A 1N² DMI
066-3217591-A-1N³ DM
4D-0855-B-1N³ DMM

When found in the runouts (normally, if not always, right after the cat# and side identifier), please add "Pressed By - Iberofon, S.A.".

N¹, N², N³ are believed to stand for the respective Neumann lathe. Please do not use superscripted numbers but N1, N2, N3.
DM, DMI, DMM appear since 1985, indicating that DMM coppers were used for plating and pressing.

Sublabels:Fonorama (2), Iberofon, Iberoplay, Toreador
Contact Info:

Iberofón, S.A.
Avda Fuentemar, 35
Poligono Industrial de Coslada
28820 Coslada
Madrid - Spain

Older adress:
Av. De Valladolid, 63
Madrid - Spain


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