Kaskata's Records


Brazilian label.

Kaskata's Music has gotten overseas license from prominent international imprints such as Attol Music, Antler Subway, Countdown Music, ZYX, Profile, Discomagic, Tuff Gong, Joey Boy Records, Gazel Music, FMA, Edel, MNW, Ichiban, Pandisc, Scorpio Music, Nervous Records, Strictly Rhythm, and other. Along the years Kaskata's has become one of the largest independent record label in Brazil. Today they have a daily radio program entitled "Reggae Beat", as publishing has developped two magazines: "Som na Caixa" specialized in Hip-Hop and "Circuito Reggae Brasil" for Reggae Music and new tendencies, both including CD (compilation). Distributed by Ritmo Quente (Kaskata's).

Parent Label:Ritmo Quente Produções E Comércio De Discos Ltda.
Sublabels:Atack Records
Contact Info:

Kaskata's Ed. Mus. e Prod. Artísticas Ltda. Rua Honduras, 165 - Pq. das Nações. Santo André - SP - Brazil. Phone/fax: 55 (11) 4479-5258.
e-mail: [email protected]


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