Ninja Tune haemingw

May 10, 2019
edited 23 days ago
When Ninja Tune started to change their face with their Ninja Tune XX box I was like "Well, they can't do NuJazz for the rest of their time. They have to evolve and try something new." So I stayed curious. But listening to them now is not what I expected to happen. Ninja Tune became commercial radio. Apart from the statistically expected exceptions there is hardly any distinction. Even their sublabels are nothing more than mediocre (at best). This strategy might have saved them financially to be fair. But, well... I wish there would have been alternative paths to stroll along. I mean, even Amon Tobin has left the ship now!

Ninja Tune ijustspeak

June 8, 2017
edited over 2 years ago
Seems like most stuff released on Ninja Tune these days is mediocre to poor. Even from established artists that are in their prime like Max Graef, and i recently heard sample from Bicep´s track "Aura" from their forthcoming LP due to release in September. Pretty crap in my opinion.
Whenever i see Ninja Tune releases these days, i swiftly avoid them..
Once a glorious label, today a flawed tarnished gem and a embarrassment..

Ninja Tune isma.

September 12, 2017
edited about 1 year ago
Nothing to do with getting old. It's a matter of evolution. Some artists/labels evolve well like a good red wine and some just get worse. Ninja tune is part of the second batch for me too, i agree with ijustspeak and cyclo-bob below "Really sad to see such a good label going pop shit."

Ninja Tune ColonelKurtz

September 1, 2017
not really, you just got old. the past is a river not a statue.

Ninja Tune sdwilson

December 23, 2016
Is it just me or are the vinyl pressings always bad?
I have all of the fog wax and they sound like crap and skip.

Ninja Tune cyclo-bob

July 11, 2016
Since Matt Black & Jonathan More gave the label scepter to some other guys, the label is dying away more and more! So sad, was one of my favorite lebels... Instead of superb releases like the early Bonobo stuff, Cinematic Orchestra, Amon Tobin or Wagon Christ and countless other talented fresh people like Homelife or Super Numeri, we nowadays just get a lot of crap in my opinion. When they began to release rubbish like Zero DB, the Quemist and the Bug in 2006, it was the beginning of the end for me. And look at the label today!? Is there only one good, talented new artist on the label (except the residents like Tobin ect.)? Clearly NOPE! Really sad to see sush a good label going pop shit.

Nobody will even talk about the label in 5 years! Or dose somebody today? Bye Ninja!

Ninja Tune haemingw

May 10, 2019
When and to whom did they give the scepter? I thought they are still onboard...

Ninja Tune hrrhrst

March 20, 2019
you should check out lorn, forest swords, Ross from Friends, Bicep etc.

Ninja Tune cyclo-bob

December 28, 2017
I listened to all albums you recommended and I really dont hear what you hear. Maybe some ok moments here and there but for me it all sound like "lets make some money guys". End-of-year lists always debends on who made them, sure Miley Sirus shit is very high rated in most of them. Brainfeeder, when they started with Oizo and stuff was really promising, but they released music from a guy called DJ Paypal - Do I have to say more? When I want labels where everything is about making money - I go to check out Sony, Columbia or Jive Records...

Ninja Tune salvadory

November 9, 2017
i agree about their situation from 2000 on but I cherish those 90s era years like gold.... and will always talk about the glory years

Ninja Tune Frederic1974

March 5, 2017
2016: great albums from The Invisible, Ash Koosha, Machinedrum, Letherette... The Bug's albums always end up very high in end-of-year-lists. FaltyDL has been releasing amazing stuff on the label over the years. Jaga Jazzist's boxset and latest album were fantastic. Lee Bannon, Portico, Beat Spacek,... They're working with Actress and his Werkdiscs label. Ninja sublabel Technicolour is amazing for techno/house. Distributing Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label... NInja Tune is still one of the best - if not THE best - in my opinion.

Ninja Tune as reviewed by Escapist

June 14, 2003
Ninjitsu-ass-kickin' stuff from one of the most solid, original and just plain brilliant labels ever! I have never heard of a bad tune from any one of their releases. Big beats, blarin' bass and twisted tunes! When I see the Ninja Tune label I buy it! No foolin' round!

Ninja Tune as reviewed by Jooles

June 1, 2003
Quality artists releasing quality work - not because they're out to make a fast buck or get their cute mug/arse splashed all over the media, but because there's a real passion for doing something different, groundbreaking. Why can't all labels be like Ninja?

Ninja Tune as reviewed by fasolada_stop

November 27, 2002
My opinion is that Ninja used to be a great label . Jazz Breaks series are exceptional. Unfortunately the recent releases (with the exception of Mr.Tobin and Wagon Christ) recycle the same Ideas.

Ninja Tune svenal

September 16, 2010
I agree to some extent with you, they went through a patch of 4 or 5 years of same old same old, with a few exceptions, but recently seemed to have picked things up again on the innovation front. I just received my NinjatuneXX boxxset, and so far totally awesome, as they say, and i quote:
"armed with skulls, cross-faders and poison darts that cold cut through flesh-eating disco zombies, ninja tune lurks somewhere awfully deep, prepared to infect you with a black sand virus"

Ninja Tune as reviewed by djcminor

November 20, 2002
Everything on this label is choice. Essential for downtempo fans, and anyone who likes straight up good music.

Ninja Tune as reviewed by eiskristall

June 11, 2002
I have the same opinion, Mr. Jay, I noticed the the covers of the Ninja releases when I was looking after some interesting records in the shops. A lot of details in the creative artworks, some of covers have a lot text on it (you read for a while) sending messages or/and the philosophy of the artists. This aestetics gives me the feeling to have something special in my hands. Items for your ear and your eyes.

Ninja Tune as reviewed by Mr.Jay

September 10, 2001
edited over 17 years ago
Ninja - well wicked, mate. If you're into DJ'ing then get yourself some of the 'Jazz Brakes' series or 'Refried Food' on vinyl and go wikki-wikki mental. Coldcut and DJ Food are the boys that know how to rock any party and are always worth going out of you way to catch play. Mr.Scruff and Kid Koala take things to the next level nicely.

A REAL label - they do damn fine skins too.