Full name: Ant-Zen audio & visual arts.
Selfpromoted as Industrial Music, Chilling Ambient, Technoid Rhythms & Power Electronics.

Ant-Zen is deduced from "Anti Zensur" (= anti censorship).

Ant-Zen is one of the most important label in the newer German Industrial scene. It started in the early 90s as a tape label that later also released vinyl and cds. Mastermind Stefan Alt alias Salt also did most of the layouts and packaging of the releases. While the earlier releases are more into noise, the new output has a more technoid style that is still very experimental.

Ant-Zen was the German distributor of a lot of other labels and ran a small mailorder until 2019.

Sublabels:Bazooka Joe, Delikatessen Records, Duebel, Flyco, Hymen Records, Mirex
Contact Info:

p.o. box 1257
93135 Lappersdorf

[email protected] , Bandcamp , Facebook , Flickr , Flickr , Instagram , MySpace , X , YouTube


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  • noizstepper's avatar
    Edited 13 years ago
    Ant-Zen is the most demanding and interesting experimental Noise Label for at the least the last 10 years!
    Which is not only for they are excellent trendsetters, but also because both main protagonists (Christian Palentin and Stephan Alt) are most friendly and charming charachters. Stay the way you are!
    • gregclow's avatar
      Most Ant-Zen releases with "ikon" cat #s are merchandise such as shirts, mugs, etc. Only ikon 1, 2 & 4 were used for music releases.

      The "jed" cat #s were used for a series of four 7" releases in 1994. It is unlikely that the "jed" prefix will be used for any future releases.
      • wanrecords's avatar
        ant-zen, or Anti-Zensur in it's full name, is a label that focusses on quality music with an experimental feeling. be it noise, dark ambient, drones or full on digital hardcore ... it's good if it's released on ant-zen (of course, this is subject to personal opinion :)