Full name: Ant-Zen audio & visual arts.
Selfpromoted as Industrial Music, Chilling Ambient, Technoid Rhythms & Power Electronics.

Ant-Zen is deduced from "Anti Zensur" (= anti censorship).

Ant-Zen is the most important label in the newer German Industrial scene. It started in the early 90s as a tape label that later also released vinyl and cds. Mastermind Stefan Alt alias Salt also did most of the layouts and packaging of the releases. While the earlier releases are more into noise, the new output has a more technoid style that is still very experimental.

Ant-Zen was the German distributor of a lot of other labels and ran a small mailorder until 2019.
Contact Info:
p.o. box 1257
93135 Lappersdorf

[email protected]


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
t13/14c Tilarids & Reynir  album cover Various Tilarids & Reynir(2xCass, Comp, Ltd, Num, C48) Ant-Zen t13/14c Germany 1993 Sell This Version
SPV 125-38402 Neurostyle Vol. I  album cover Various Neurostyle Vol. I(CD, Comp) Neuro Style SPV 125-38402 Germany 1995 Sell This Version
Principality Five Lieux-Dits  album cover 2kilos &More Lieux-Dits(LP, Album) Satanic Royalty Principality Five Germany 2015 Sell This Version
pflicht 064 Maschinenfest 2015  album cover Various Maschinenfest 2015(2xCD, Comp) Pflichtkauf, Pflichtkauf pflicht 064 Germany 2015 Sell This Version
pflicht 052 Maschinenfest 2013  album cover Various Maschinenfest 2013 (Comp) pflicht 052 Germany 2013 Sell This Version
PBV04 One  album cover Voltage Improves Promiscuity One(7", Ltd) Possessive Blindfold Recordings PBV04 US 2000 Sell This Version
PBR-097 Distrust Authority  album cover 100blumen Distrust Authority (Album) PBR-097 Germany 2020 Sell This Version
none 14id1610s  album cover 14id1610s(14xFile, FLAC, Album, RE) Ant-Zen none Germany 2012
none L'Unification Des Forces Opposantes [ccf]  album cover This Morn' Omina L'Unification Des Forces Opposantes [ccf](CDr, Promo) Ant-Zen none Germany 2011 Sell This Version
none Böhm Gott Der Elektrik  album cover Klangstabil Böhm Gott Der Elektrik(6xFile, FLAC, RE) Ant-Zen none Germany 2012
none III  album cover Näo III(CD, Album, Promo, Car) Jarring Effects, Ant-Zen none France 2014 Sell This Version
none Cut Us Up  album cover Sonar Cut Us Up(9xFile, AIFF, Album) Ant-Zen none Germany 2012
none Symptom Box  album cover Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese / Salt Pineal Gland Zirbeldruese / Salt - Symptom Box(3x7", Comp, Ltd, Num) Ant-Zen none Germany 1995 Sell This Version
none The Incredible Three  album cover Imminent · Synapscape Imminent · Synapscape - The Incredible Three(7xFile, FLAC, Album, Comp) Ant-Zen none Germany Unknown
none The Disruptive Behaviour  album cover Hypnoskull The Disruptive Behaviour(52xFile, FLAC, EP, Comp) Ant-Zen none Germany 2020
none Monokrom GGT(File, MP3, 160) Ant-Zen none Germany 2000
none Monokrom KDF(File, MP3, 160) Ant-Zen none Germany 2001
none :Per:Version: Vol.1  album cover Various :Per:Version: Vol.1(CD, Enh, Smplr) :Ritual: none Italy 2001 Sell This Version
none :Per:Version: Vol.5  album cover Various :Per:Version: Vol.5(CD, Comp, Enh) :Ritual: none Italy 2002 Sell This Version
none The Masked Face  album cover Noisex The Masked Face(7", Single) Ant-Zen none Germany 1998 Sell This Version
MHz06 Play At 2:00 A.M.  album cover P·A·L Play At 2:00 A.M.(12", Ltd) MHz MHz06 Germany 1999 Sell This Version
LLB03 Exempt  album cover 2kilos &More Exempt(CD, Album) Le Label Beige LLB03 France 2020 Sell This Version
LER012/2014 Organic.Aural.Ornaments  album cover Empusae & Shinkiro Empusae & Shinkiro - Organic.Aural.Ornaments(2xLP, Album, Ltd, Num, RE) La Esencia LER012/2014 Spain 2015 Sell This Version
KRACH 003 krachcom.pilation 3  album cover Various krachcom.pilation 3(CD, Comp, Ltd) Krachcom Records KRACH 003 Germany 2010 Sell This Version
KRACH 002 Krachcom.pilation 2  album cover Various Krachcom.pilation 2(CD, Comp, Ltd) Krachcom Records KRACH 002 Germany 2009 Sell This Version
KRACH 001 Krachcom.pilation 1  album cover Various Krachcom.pilation 1(CD, Comp, Ltd) Krachcom Records KRACH 001 Germany 2008 Sell This Version
KESS04 Reflection  album cover Geneviève Pasquier Reflection(12", EP) Kess Kill KESS04 Sweden 2017 Sell This Version
JED-04 Moog Resuscitation  album cover Astro Moog Resuscitation(7", Single, Ltd, Num, Yel) Ant-Zen JED-04 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
JED 03 Hydrophobia  album cover Contagious Orgasm Hydrophobia(7", Single, Ltd, Num) Ant-Zen JED 03 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
JED 02 Test Tube Fantasy  album cover C.C.C.C. Test Tube Fantasy(7", Single, Ltd, Cle) Ant-Zen JED 02 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
INV033 Weight Of Death  album cover Ambassador21* Weight Of Death(CD, Album) Invasion Wreck Chords INV033 Belarus 2006 Sell This Version
INV031 Grey Album  album cover Fragment King Grey Album(CD, Album) Invasion Wreck Chords INV031 Belarus 2006 Sell This Version
INV026 The Scariest Weapon 2  album cover Various The Scariest Weapon 2(CDr, Comp) Invasion Wreck Chords INV026 Belarus 2004 Sell This Version
INV005 Split  album cover Ambassador 21 / Buben Ambassador 21 / Buben - Split(CD) Invasion Wreck Chords INV005 Belarus 2002 Sell This Version
ikon100v Maschinenfest - The 10th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration Present 2008  album cover Various Maschinenfest - The 10th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration Present 2008(8xLP, Comp + Box, Ltd) Ant-Zen ikon100v Germany 2008 Sell This Version
ikon100cd Maschinenfest - The 10th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration Present 2008  album cover Various Maschinenfest - The 10th Anniversary Jubilee Celebration Present 2008(3xCDr + Box, Comp, Ltd) Ant-Zen ikon100cd Germany 2008 Sell This Version
ikon 4 Reported  album cover Dive Reported(12", Ltd, Num, Pic) Ant-Zen ikon 4 Germany 1996 Sell This Version
ikon 2 Smell The Disgusting Sweet Taste Of Dried Blood  album cover :wumpscut: Smell The Disgusting Sweet Taste Of Dried Blood(7", Ltd, Num, Pic) Ant-Zen ikon 2 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
ikon 1 Dried Blood  album cover :wumpscut: Dried Blood (EP) ikon 1 Germany 1994 Sell This Version
ET029 Nagash  album cover This Morn' Omina Nagash(12") Gooiland Elektro, Enfant Terrible ET029 Netherlands 2013 Sell This Version
EFA 61674-2 Eurorock Fest VL 2001  album cover Various Eurorock Fest VL 2001(2xCD, Comp) Angelwings, EFA, Zoomshot Media Entertainment EFA 61674-2 Germany 2001 Sell This Version
dig080 Silence + Noise  album cover Anatoly Grindberg* and Andreas Davids Anatoly Grindberg* and Andreas Davids - Silence + Noise(6xFile, WAV, Album) Ant-Zen dig080 Germany 2021
dig079 Coordinate  album cover Gutenberg Coordinate(10xFile, FLAC) Ant-Zen dig079 Germany 2021
dig078 Raw Material  album cover Matter (4) Raw Material (Album) dig078 Germany 2021
dig076 Southern Phlegm  album cover Kadaitcha Southern Phlegm(4xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen dig076 Germany 2021
dig075 Plague Of People  album cover Room Of Wires Plague Of People (Album) dig075 Germany 2021
dig074 Sisyphus' Journey  album cover Mildred In Oblivion Sisyphus' Journey (Album) dig074 Germany 2021
dig073 The Seventh Seal  album cover Gnome & Spybey The Seventh Seal(6xFile, WAV, Album) Ant-Zen dig073 Germany 2021
dig072 Skade			  album cover Distortion Six Skade (Album) dig072 Germany 2021
dig071 4 · My Inner Demons Speaks · Chapter Two  album cover Massaith 4 · My Inner Demons Speaks · Chapter Two(6xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen dig071 Germany 2020
dig070 A Mutual Disagreement  album cover Synapscape A Mutual Disagreement(4xFile, FLAC, EP) Ant-Zen dig070 Germany 2020
dig069 Tar  album cover Kadaitcha Tar(7xFile, FLAC, Album, RE) Ant-Zen dig069 Germany 2020
dig068 Über Leben 3  album cover Philipp Münch Über Leben 3 (EP) dig068 Germany 2020
dig067 Dust Forbids The Bird To Sing  album cover Anatoly Grinberg* & Mark Spybey Anatoly Grinberg* & Mark Spybey - Dust Forbids The Bird To Sing (Album) dig067 Germany 2020
dig066 4 · My Inner Demons Speaks · Chapter One  album cover Massaith 4 · My Inner Demons Speaks · Chapter One (Album) dig066 Germany 2021
dig065 Ausgang  album cover Artillery Nightspace Ausgang(11xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen dig065 Germany 2020
dig064 The Poison Tree  album cover 14anger The Poison Tree (Album) dig064 Germany 2020
dig063 KEK:ET  album cover KEK:ET KEK:ET(4xFile, FLAC, EP) Ant-Zen dig063 Germany 2020
dig062 Pleasant Sounds For Unpleasant Times  album cover The Gnome (3) Pleasant Sounds For Unpleasant Times(11xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen dig062 Germany 2020
dig061 Symbiotic Creatures  album cover Siamgda Symbiotic Creatures(5xFile, FLAC, EP) Ant-Zen dig061 Germany 2020
dig060 Devoveo  album cover Artillery Nightspace Devoveo(10xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen dig060 Germany 2020
dig059 NXIVM  album cover Black Lung NXIVM (Album) dig059 Germany 2019
dig058 Collective  album cover Gnome & Spybey Collective (Comp) dig058 Germany 2019
dig057 Norze  album cover Distortion Six Norze(10xFile, FLAC) Ant-Zen dig057 Germany 2019
dig056 Orange Man Bad  album cover Crisis Actor (2) Orange Man Bad(3xFile, FLAC, Single) Ant-Zen dig056 2019
dig055 Re-Cover (Sybaritics & Militants Songs)  album cover DEF Re-Cover (Sybaritics & Militants Songs)(11xFile, FLAC) Ant-Zen dig055 Germany 2020
dig054 123 m  album cover Anatoly Grinberg* & Mark Spybey Anatoly Grinberg* & Mark Spybey - 123 m(9xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen dig054 Germany 2019
dig053 Unnecessary Bronze  album cover Gutenberg Unnecessary Bronze(9xFile, FLAC) Ant-Zen dig053 Germany 2019
dig052 Planet Supreme  album cover Planet Supreme Planet Supreme(7xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen dig052 Germany 2019
DIG051 Cinema Bizarre  album cover Philipp Münch Cinema Bizarre (Album) DIG051 Germany 2019
DIG050 Sacrifice  album cover Distortion Six Sacrifice(4xFile, FLAC, EP) Ant-Zen DIG050 Germany 2018
DIG049 How To Play Dead  album cover The Space Where She Was How To Play Dead(6xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen DIG049 Germany 2018
DIG048 The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner  album cover Scott Fox (2) The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner (Album) DIG048 Germany 2018
DIG047 Retrospektiv 2010 - 2016  album cover Grand Mal x Retrospektiv 2010 - 2016(13xFile, FLAC, Comp) Ant-Zen DIG047 Germany 2018
DIG046 Stillness  album cover The Gnome (3) Stillness(8xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen DIG046 Germany 2018
DIG045 Cognitive Buffer Hypothesis  album cover Brien Hindman Cognitive Buffer Hypothesis(7xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen DIG045 Germany 2018
DIG044 Rescue  album cover Hologram_ Rescue(10xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen DIG044 Germany 2017
dig043 The Dissonant Reality Show  album cover Crisis Actor (2) The Dissonant Reality Show(8xFile, FLAC) Ant-Zen dig043 Germany 2017
dig042 Electronic Eye  album cover Crisis Actor (2) Electronic Eye (Single) dig042 Germany 2017
DIG041 Reflection  album cover Geneviéve Pasquier* Reflection(4xFile, FLAC, EP) Ant-Zen DIG041 Germany 2017
DIG040 Post Elysium  album cover Philipp Münch Post Elysium(9xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen DIG040 Germany 2017
DIG039 Retrospective 1999-2003  album cover Michael Idehall Retrospective 1999-2003(12xFile, FLAC, Comp) Ant-Zen DIG039 Germany 2017
DIG038 Solar Symmetries  album cover Michael Idehall Solar Symmetries (Album) DIG038 Germany 2016
dig037 A Seasonal Gift  album cover Black Lung & Spiderface Black Lung & Spiderface - A Seasonal Gift (EP) dig037 Germany 2014
dig036 Hype & Drive  album cover Black Lung Hype & Drive (EP) dig036 Germany 2014
dig035 The Business Of Selling  album cover Black Lung The Business Of Selling (Single) dig035 Germany 2014
dig034 Long Live The King  album cover Nomin* Long Live The King (Album) dig034 Germany 2014
dig033 Tzolk'in  album cover Tzolk'in Tzolk'in(8xFile, FLAC, Album, RE) Ant-Zen dig033 Germany 2013
dig032 Morphogenesis  album cover Mind Necrosis Factor Morphogenesis(11xFile, FLAC, Album, RE) Ant-Zen dig032 Germany 2013
dig031 Kantorka  album cover Klangstabil Kantorka(6xFile, FLAC, Album, RE) Ant-Zen, MHz dig031 Germany 2013
dig030 Rarities (2003-2012)  album cover Sonic Area Rarities (2003-2012)(17xFile, FLAC, Comp, RM) Ant-Zen dig030 Germany 2013
dig029 Handle With Care  album cover Geneviéve Pasquier* Handle With Care(7xFile, FLAC, EP, RE) Ant-Zen dig029 Germany 2013
dig028 The Revenge Of The Mighty Ant  album cover Various The Revenge Of The Mighty Ant(15xFile, FLAC, Comp) Ant-Zen dig028 Germany 2012
dig027 Go Quantum!  album cover Lingouf Go Quantum!(9xFile, FLAC) Ant-Zen dig027 Germany 2012
dig 026 Mondo Obscura (The Mutant Twin)  album cover Philipp Münch Mondo Obscura (The Mutant Twin)(12xFile, FLAC, Album) Ant-Zen dig 026 Germany 2012
dig 025 Transit  album cover Zero Degree Transit (Album) dig 025 Germany 2011
dig 024 Shàngtian Stage Version  album cover Nin Kuji Shàngtian Stage Version (Single) dig 024 Germany 2011
dig023 Shadowboy - The Awakening  album cover Klangstabil Shadowboy - The Awakening(File, FLAC, Single) Ant-Zen, MHz dig023 Germany 2013
dig 022 Le Soleil N'est Pas Pour Nous  album cover 100blumen Le Soleil N'est Pas Pour Nous(5xFile, MP3) Ant-Zen dig 022 Germany 2011
dig021 Stonebrain  album cover Asche Stonebrain(9xFile, FLAC, EP) Ant-Zen dig021 Germany 2011

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May 11, 2010
edited over 12 years ago
Ant-Zen is the most demanding and interesting experimental Noise Label for at the least the last 10 years!
Which is not only for they are excellent trendsetters, but also because both main protagonists (Christian Palentin and Stephan Alt) are most friendly and charming charachters. Stay the way you are!


September 4, 2003
Most Ant-Zen releases with "ikon" cat #s are merchandise such as shirts, mugs, etc. Only ikon 1, 2 & 4 were used for music releases.

The "jed" cat #s were used for a series of four 7" releases in 1994. It is unlikely that the "jed" prefix will be used for any future releases.


March 15, 2002
ant-zen, or Anti-Zensur in it's full name, is a label that focusses on quality music with an experimental feeling. be it noise, dark ambient, drones or full on digital hardcore ... it's good if it's released on ant-zen (of course, this is subject to personal opinion :)

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