Wally Heider Recording Studio, Los Angeles


Recording studio founded by Wally Heider, located in Los Angeles, California, USA, near the intersection of Selma Ave. and Cahuenga Blvd. in Hollywood. The studio operated from 1967 until 1984. At the facility, Heider built Studio 3, with the name and dimensions of the room based on the famous Studio 3 at Bill Putnam's United Western Studios (AKA United Western Recorders). Wally Heider sold the studio and its name to Filmways, and in 1978, the L.A. studio became known as Filmways/Heider Recording. For some reason, this studio is referred to as "The Handlebar (Wally Heider Recordings)" on the A Star Is Born soundtrack.

For the San Francisco recording studio, please see Wally Heider Studios.
For the mobile recording studio based in Los Angeles, please see Wally Heider Recording.

Engineers known to have worked here: Bill Halverson, Peter Granet, David Brand (chief engineer, 1976-1980).

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Also referred to as:
- Wally Heider Recording
- Wally Heider's Studio 3
- Wally Heider's Studio III
- Wally Heider Recorders
- Wally Heider's
- Wally Heider's Hollywood
- Wally Heider Recording, Hollywood
- Wally Heider Recorders, Los Angeles, California
- Wally Heider Studio
- Wally Heider Studios, Hollywood, Cal.
- The Handlebar (Wally Heider Recordings)
- Wally Heider, Los Angeles
- Wally Heider Recording Studios, Los Angeles

Contact Info:

1604 North Cahuenga
Hollywood, California 90028
(213) 466-5474
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