Worm Interface


Label from the Ambient Soho shop in London.

Worm interface started in 1994 as a buzz emanating from London's first ambient record store - Ambient Soho.
The label was owned by two London DJ/producers - Rocket and Django - and was intended as a platform for the new wave of electronic artists whose music is aimed beyond the dancefloor.
Worm Interfaced worked with Tom Jenkinson, Gescom, Fort Lauderdale, Freeform, Mira Calyx, Solenoid, Galerie Stratique, David Kristian, Farmer's Manual, QWERTY, Meek, Gamers In Exile, Rook Valard, Astral Engineering, Sexyrubbersole, Repercussions, Survivours, Asphere, Coma, Ethereal-ites, Replicant, Further, Airat, Remote and many others.
The label artwork was handled by a number of excellent designers including 802, David Vallade (whose illustrations are on this site), J-buyers, Pete Fowler and Matt Pyke.

Sublabels:Snake Eyes
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FAX: (UK) 0870 063 3737


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