Babaorum Records


Babaorum Records is a label originating from the North of France (Lille). All releases are inspired by Hardtechno and Jumpstyle, but also Hardcore (Total Hardcore), House (Only House Records) and Electro (Only Electro Records). Beginning on March 25, 2019 Babaorum records and all subdivisions became the entire property of Belgian label DIKI Records.

Parent Label:DiKi Records
Sublabels:Chicago Connection, Rythme Import Records, Total Hardcore Records, Warez Audio
Contact Info:

Diki Records
c/o DIKI Records SA/NV
Hugo Verriestlaan 93
8560 Gullegem


General Manager : SAMYN Jean-François (Jeff)
E-mail : [email protected] or [email protected]

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  • babaorumrecords's avatar
    Babaorum has moved :
    Babaorum Records
    158 rue Raymond Derain
    59700 Marcq en Baroeul - France
    phone : 00 33 3 20 89 26 98
    email : [email protected]
    • Pleomax's avatar
      This Label Started out as one of the trendsetting labels of the nord french club/tek sound always releasing something dared en trying to be refreshing.
      Nowadays they are releasing the one crappy release after another its a shame that a label who started like this this ends up to be destroyed by i guess are some guys who are using the good name of the label to press a lot of crappy shit and thinking that people really would buy it ( I don't even know if they are even thinking) , the only good releases
      where i can think of nowadays are those from Qatja S (cutted) And Lethal Mg (What ya need) both not produced by any of the Baba crew the other one's aren't even whort checking out...
      To bad that such a heroic label ends up like this...
      Another victim to the commerce....