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June 16, 2010
Babaorum has moved :
Babaorum Records
158 rue Raymond Derain
59700 Marcq en Baroeul - France
phone : 00 33 3 20 89 26 98
email : [email protected]

Babaorum Records as reviewed by Pleomax

October 27, 2009
This Label Started out as one of the trendsetting labels of the nord french club/tek sound always releasing something dared en trying to be refreshing.
Nowadays they are releasing the one crappy release after another its a shame that a label who started like this this ends up to be destroyed by i guess are some guys who are using the good name of the label to press a lot of crappy shit and thinking that people really would buy it ( I don't even know if they are even thinking) , the only good releases
where i can think of nowadays are those from Qatja S (cutted) And Lethal Mg (What ya need) both not produced by any of the Baba crew the other one's aren't even whort checking out...
To bad that such a heroic label ends up like this...
Another victim to the commerce....