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Independent Canadian-owned record company started in 1950 in Toronto. For the French name see Les Disques Quality Limitée.

The company was the first in Canada to manufacture cassette and eight-track tapes. It also distributed such Canadian lines as its own Quality, Birchmount and Celebration labels and the independent Broadland, Kanata, MWC (Music World Creations) and Reo labels. The company operated a New York office briefly in the mid-1970s.

Records pressed by Quality Records Limited can often be identified by an uppercase "Q" or "Qu" in the runouts and/or a "Q" printed on the labels. The Q on Quality pressing runouts is hand-etched, often quite small, upside-down compared to the rest of the run-out etchings, and often tucked in just where the run-out hits the locked groove. See images section of this label. . More description

Quality established two publishing companies ca.1970; the CAPAC affiliated Shediac Music Publishing Ltd. (a.k.a Shediac Music and Shediac), and the BMIC/BMI affiliated Qualrec Music Ltd. (a.k.a Qualrec). In August 1975 Quality took over the BMI Canada portion of Broadland Music Ltd.'s catalogue. In October 1976 Quality took over the entire Broadland operation, including publishers Doubleplay Music and Grandslam Music.

Canadian artists to record for Quality included the Young Canada Singers (who made the hit version of 'CA-NA-DA'), the Beaumarks (whose 'Clap Your Hands' was an early Canadian rock hit in the USA in 1960), Andy de Jarlis, the early Guess Who, Albert Hall, Harmonium, the Haunted, the King Beezz, Jury, Ronn Metcalfe, Skip Prokop, Hank Smith, and Sweet Blindness, all in the pop field.

Quality updated their 7" label design in 1970, moving away from the plain white background with red trim to a two-tone red label with a background made up of 80 small Qs in a checkerboard pattern. The new label was designed by the national promotion co-ordinator at the time, Mel Shaw.

Quality Records Limited ceased operations in 1985, selling their vinyl pressing and tape duplication operations to Cinram in November. Cinram moved all equipment to their existing Scarborough location. The Quality name lived on through Quality Special Products and was revived in 1990 as Quality Records, Quality Music and other variations, specializing mainly in commercial dance music.

This company is also printed on releases as 'Quality Records Ltd.' or 'Canada-Quality Records Limited', or (in French) 'Disques Quality Limitée'...

Robert G. Haacke was head of the plating department and quality control from 1950 to 1967.

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Quality Records Limited
380 Birchmount Road
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