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Label for improvised and cutting-edge contemporary music brainchild of Simon Reynell, who has worked in television for 25 years, mostly over the past 12 years as a documentary sound recordist.

Reynell's decision to start the label resulted from a confluence of professional and personal factors. He was becoming increasingly disillusioned with TV in the UK, especially documentaries which he felt were being marginalised, sensationalised and dumbed-down; his work was no longer satisfying and he needed a new creative challenge. Around this time Reynell attended The Contest of Pleasures performance at the 2006 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. He thought it was fantastic and asked John Butcher if anyone planned to release it; when Butcher said "no", Reynell saw his chance... That performance became Another Timbre's first release, Tempestuous, at01.

Sublabels:Byways, Canadian Composers Series, The Berlin Series
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70, High Storrs Road,Sheffield
S11 7LE England
E > [email protected]
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