Possum Records


Independent Australian label, distributed at various times by EMI, CBS and RCA (and WEA in NZ) which along with Powderworks promoted local and international electronic and dance music. Later logos were just Possum.

Formerly known as Possum Music, Possum Records was formed in 1987, and broke British acid house in Australia through their affiliation with London's Rhythm King label. Thanks to local release of Rhythm King's roster of such iconic artists as Baby Ford, S-Express and The Beatmasters, Australian party folk were able to enjoy much of the acid house euphoria in tandem with its British explosion.

Timeline: (approx.)
EMI - 12/84- 10/85
CBS -1986
RCA 10/86-8/87
CBS -1989

Parent Label:Possum Records Pty Ltd.
Sublabels:A and S Records, Friction (4)
Contact Info:

Greg Harris 0410 690 040


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