Techno and electronica label started with 12" releases in 1991. Originally run by Mick Paterson, Pepe Jansz and Seth Hodder.

Formerly displayed as NovaMute, it is now displayed as novamute (see logos).

In the US the releases in the early 90s were released in partnership with Tommy Boy Music, and feature a "NMCD" prefix on their catalog number. When Mute set up a stand-alone North American office in the mid-90s, the numbering series continued in sequence with the prefix changed to "NovaMute".

LC 5834

Parent Label:Mute Records Ltd.
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Mute Records
127 Charing Cross Road
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  • sergiomartin_17's avatar
    canceled the shipping perfectly is a good seller. I recommend it
    • NovaFutures's avatar
      Hee this label is great.
      It's started with some 12" e.g. 3 Phase's "Klang der Familie".
      Also at the beginning of NovaMute it gave the some Tresor releases the excess worldwide.
      Today it's (for me) a great techno / electronic label which push the music into new spaces.
      But what should they do ? It belongs to the famous and great Mute Records, so they can only be good, or ? :-)