Tracid Traxxx


Electronic Music label owned by German musician, producer and DJ Kai Franz (aka. Kai Tracid). Primary styles are Acid and Hard Trance.

At the beginning of 2007 Kai Tracid put the label on hold because "It doesn't make much sense to continue one way when your heart is already pointing in another direction...". However, in September 2007, Tracid Traxxx was revived with a new musical direction.

The catalogue numbers were changed from former [20xx] to current [30xx] to mark the label's musical change.

Parent Label:Tracid Traxxx GmbH
Sublabels:Acid Files, Angel Dust, Druck, Tracid Beta Filez, Tracid Traxxx Classix
Contact Info:

Tracid Traxxx
Saalburgstrasse 160c
D 61350 Bad Homburg

Fax: +49-(0)6172 934761
E-Mail: [email protected]

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  • BeeDog's avatar
    Edited 16 years ago
    A little while ago Tracid Traxxx was declared dead, seeing as Kai Tracid himself was growing tired of the classic hardtrance sound. But, things took a fast turn, and the label has been resurrected, so the label being dead was merely just a short hiatus, if anything.

    Anyway, starting with the 30xx catalogue numbering, the label is back but with a completely different sound, and this makes me mad and saddens me at the same time. Instead of closing down the Tracid Traxxx name at its peak and entering the label in the music history as one of the best hard trance labels ever, someone decided to use the strong TTX brand name to reboot everything and ride on the previous success. Don't get me wrong, the new style might be liked by newcomers, but to the old fans (that most likely won't appreciate the new sound at all, like me), this is a pretty strong blow.

    I personally would've seen this label stay defunct instead of changing (like Warp Records have been slowly doing lately), but there's nothing you can do. At least the old TTX 20xx releases I have will never leave my collection.
    • NRG_Traxx's avatar
      Edited 16 years ago
      It appears after few monthts after being declared "dead" (who said that? Kai and TTX guys themselves?), the label is back. Back with new Kai Tracid release. As we all know his style has changed in 2004 (the last track in his good ol' style was "4 Just 1 Day"). What we could hear on TTX's sublabel Acid Files was his new sound. For 2007 he is back with the electro-minimal-acid-tech sound once again and the new TTX release - "TTX3001 Kai Tracid - Inflator/Aural Border" is coming out soon. I am disappointed by Kai Acid (yes Trance part was lost long ago :(), but there's nothing we fans can do about it.
      • carkPAPS's avatar
        Edited 17 years ago
        Tracid Traxxx call it a day after nearly 9 years! The first release came in May 1998 and since then the German based Tracid Traxxx label run by Kai McDoanld aka Kai Tracid has released 60 beathtaking releases becoming one of the most well know and recognised labels in dance music! Over the years they have primarily focused on hard trance and acid trance and released many singles and albums from the likes of A*S*Y*S (Frank Ellrich), Derb (Kan Cold) and label owner Kai Tracid! They also established four sub-labels including the most well known Druck (spearheaded by Scot Project and Kan Cold), Acid Files, Angel Dust and Tracid Beta Filez. Tracid has always been at the forefront of the hard dance music industry. Their releases are sublime. A quality label that will be sorely missed!