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One of the world's top Dance labels, Nukleuz was established by UK Media Records boss Peter Pritchard in 1996 in order to create a unique and cutting edge club label. The very first releases on the label were funky house but within a couple of years it had released its first UK hard house productions. This developed pace with the whole brand exploding at the end of the last millennium, with Nukleuz becoming the number 1 vinyl selling label for three years running and becoming Music Week's No.1 UK Dance label.

Nukleuz also began working with Frantic on a series of Frantic Euphoria albums with Ministry Of Sound.

Nukleuz vinyl releases are colour coded depending on the music style:
Blue = Hard house
Green = Uplifting hard trance
Yellow = Filtered funky sounds
Red = The bouncy side of hard house & club grooves
Purple = Hard house fused with techno/trance & European Sounds
Black = Hardstyle/hardcore

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Parent Label:Nukleuz Records
Sublabels:DJ Nation, DJ Nation Bootleg Edition, DJ Nation Harder Edition, DJ Nation X-Rated Sessions, Hard Beat EP, Hard Trance EP, Hardcore EP, Noise Maker, Nukleuz Black, Nukleuz Classics, ...
Contact Info:

Nukleuz Records
No.1 Pepys Court
84-86 The Chase
Clapham Common

T: + 44 (0) 2077 207266
F: + 44 (0) 2077 207255

email: [email protected] & [email protected]


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