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Label founded in 1974 by Larry Uttal after being replaced as president of Bell Records by Clive Davis.

The label was shut down in 1978 when Uttal moved to London. His son, Jai Uttal, now owns the rights to the label's catalog but the master tapes have been lost after an unpaid storage bill forced their auction. As a result, CD releases of Private Stock material have been dubbed from vinyl.

The label's acts included Blondie, Jose Feliciano, Samantha Sang, Frankie Valli, Nancy Sinatra, Cissy Houston, Robert Gordon, The Michael Zager Band, Starsky and Hutch actor David Soul, Austin Roberts, Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band, Starbuck (2) and French-Canadian disco diva Caroline Bernier.

Sublabels:Cash Records (7), Private Stock Records (2)
Contact Info:

Private Stock Records, Ltd.
40 W 57th Street
New York, NY 10019
(Contact info now obsolete)

Private Stock Records Ltd.
32 Old Burlington Street
London W1
United Kingdom
(Contact info now obsolete)

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