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Drum & Bass pioneer Dom & Roland (an alias of producer / engineer Dominic Angas) has launched a new release series 'Dubs from the Dungeons', excavating rare and sought after dubplate only releases from Drum & Bass's late 90s golden era and making them available on Vinyl and digitally for the first time.

In the fast paced evolution of the genre during the mid to late 90s, dubplates, pressed individually at a cost of about £30 each, brought VIP remixes, tracks produced as DJ tools and early versions of tracks that later saw wider release from the studio to the clubs. A currency among the gatekeeper DJs of the scene, these rare alternate versions and previously unreleased tracks are among the most sought after for collectors and those lucky enough to have heard new music breaking on the hallowed dancefloor of Metlaheadz's legendary Sunday night sessions at London's Blue Note club. Reminiscing on the scene in a recent interview with Bandcamp, Angas recalls:

"The 20 years that have passed have made these tunes very sought after. It sounds crazy now but at the time they felt quite disposable.”

Inspired by hearing one of his own dubs on an archive Grooverider set uploaded to Youtube, Dom went on a hunt first to find one of his own long lost dubs, eventually succeeding in finding first a rather worn dubplate copy and later the original DAT from which it was cut. With an appetite whet by the thrill of the chase, Angas has since laid his hands on sought after sides from fellow D&B legend Dillinja and a new series of releases is born.

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