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Since its inception in 1999, Broklyn Beats has released a slow, but steady, stream of corrupted electronic noise into the environment. Broklyn Beats was founded by Heather Leitner (a.k.a. Doily) and long-time punk, Criterion Thornton. After years of playing sax in Minneapolis punk bands, he turned to electronics and New York for inspiration. Broklyn Beats is anything but the sound of the suburbs, it is the sound of the grimy city streets. Pick any of the records from its short discography. Put it on your stereo. You are now in NYC. A place where scuffed-up, battered funk is forced into an ill-fitting dub suit and made to pound the sidewalks looking for beats to sample.

Sublabels:(sic) Broklyn Beats Series
Contact Info:

440 Broadway 3R
Brooklyn, NY 11211
phone and fax: 718 599 7515

e-mail (defunct):
[email protected]



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