German label.
Label Code: LC 2099 / LC 02099
First imprint of E.R.P. Musikverlag founded on 01 April 1968 by Eckart Rahn. Originally a German rock label, the musical focus changed somewhat over the years with Kuckuck becoming one of the prime new-age / meditation and world music labels in the 1980s with several successful artists.

International distribution came about after Eckart Rahn took over Celestial Harmonies in the USA, also establishing the Mayflower Music Corp. in parallel to the German based E.R.P. Musikverlag. After this they also took over Ethan Edgecombe's distribution service for New Age / Metaphysical Music known as Fortuna Records, and two more sublabels: Jon Hiseman's Black Sun (2) with a focus on jazz, and MonteVideo their movie label.

CD pressings and Barcodes
CD 075: Paul Horn - Inside The Cathedral ‎(from late 1986) is the first documented CD release on the label. Earlier CD catalogue numbers are 1988 or later reissues from the corresponding earlier LP catalogue number. The LP of Inside The Cathedral ‎is also the last without a barcode, thus LPs with earlier catalogue numbers and barcodes are reissues.

Parent Label:Kuckuck Schallplatten GmbH & Co.
Contact Info:

Kuckuck Schallplatten / E.R.P. Musikverlag
Habsburgerplatz 2
8000 München 40

Tel: (089)332078


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