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COMA is an acronym for 'Copenhagen Offers More Action'.

Danish techno/rave label, which existed 1989-1994 as a division of Mega Records and released records throughout Scandinavia.
Established by "Bageren fra Hobro", Kenneth Bager (Dr. Baker). This label and especially Kenneth Bager brought the whole evolving dance/techno scene of the time to the Danish people; styles and genres like rave, balearic and garage became known through the COMA label.
Artists included Dr. Baker, The KLF, The Shamen, TBM 1, A Split - Second, Miro (2), Mental Generation, Leila K and many more.

Due to disagreements (royalties) with Mega Records, the COMA label was closed in 1994.

Parent Label:Mega Records
Contact Info:

COMA Records Address 1989-1994:
Mega Records
Frederiksborggade 31
DK-1360 Copenhagen K.


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