Bell Sound Studios


Recording/mastering studio in New York (USA) founded by Al Weintraub and Dan Cronin that operated on West 46th and, subsequently, West 54th Street from the late 1950's until 1976. Bell Sound was heralded as state of the art back in the day with big name labels such as Capitol, who had the ability to cut their own records, use their services.
In December 1974, Viewlex, Inc., which owned Bell Sound, agreed to sell a less profitable business arm (Audio Visual Division , AVD) which resulted in an organization consisting of three operating groups; Buddah Records, Inc., Electro Sound Inc., and Custom Services under which Bell Sound Studios, Sonic Recording Products, Inc., Monarch Record Mfg. Co. and several others were operated.

Also appears on releases as just Bell Sound, Bell Sound Studio or Bell Sound Studios, New York.
When the legal ending Inc. or a variation thereof is present, please use Bell Sound Studios, Inc.

Records cut here can be recognized by a Bell Sound (in cursive handwriting) stamp. Please credit the studio with Lacquer Cut At. Some sound engineers signed their work with their initials or an abbreviation. They can be credited with Lacquer Cut By and the appropriate ANV.

Engineers known to have worked here:
Alan Corbeth (AC)
Art Crist
Bill Stoddard
Dominick Romeo (Dom)
Eddie Smith (3)
Edison Youngblood (EY)
Gary Hobish
Harry Yarmark
Irv Diehl (I Diehl)
Jim Zack
Joe Brescio (Joe)
Malcolm Addey
Phil Macy
Robin C. Kruse (RCK)
Sam Feldman (sf)
Sol Kessler (SK or sol)
Souren Mozian (SM)
Tory Brainard

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