Likemind loganlofi

June 29, 2020
Fingers crossed something shows up from the crew this year...

Likemind loganlofi

November 24, 2020
Yes!!! It's coming early next year looks like. thanks for the tip!

Likemind nilecniv

November 3, 2020
Check Nuron's YouTube channel. Seems like something should be coming up soon...

Likemind as reviewed by Micky_B

June 9, 2019
I wish these were all available digitally, Bandcamp seems like a no brainer

Likemind AnomalousVisuals

August 10, 2021
Its here if you want it :) Digital killed the vinyl grandad :) https://nuron.bandcamp.com/album/nuron-fugue-1993-1996

Likemind krvtx

March 29, 2020
absolutely not. I prefer to remain rare vinyls, digital has destroyed DJ world, I prefer physical support

Likemind majesticuncasual

July 27, 2019
edited over 2 years ago
Fully agreed! can you imagine all these true independent/ obscure record labels, creating a bandcamp or better yet, website where they control and receive 100% of the funds. Perhaps, allow Youtubers to make dj mixes and leave links to purchase the songs, and give a kickback for any traffic sent over. Completely boycotting Spotify, Apple and Google music because these are the new sleazy record companies.

Likemind nilecniv

March 6, 2019
Will we see a new Likemind release in 2019?

Here's to hope.

Likemind samo78

September 25, 2017
Ironic label name, if your internet era fanbase guarantees repress sales, since the artists and fans are... well whatever, another Detroit inspired pipe dream.

Likemind djcaspa

October 25, 2017
edited over 4 years ago
Are you suggesting Likemind is making a return for repress sales? Likemind is a respected label, run by a thoroughly decent guy and showcasing work from some incredibly talented producers. "Another Detroit inspired pipe dream"? Hmmm. Can you tell us all what your personal contribution has been to electronic music? Do you run a respected label? Do you make fantastic electronic music? Or are you just a pretty rude guy who doesn't know much about techno, and seems to support it even less? Which is it?

Likemind P_X

August 19, 2017
Now that Likemind is back, could you please consider repressing the first 4 releases?

There are thousands of people who have wanted to own these records for years. Please do us a favour!

Likemind as reviewed by tbn2411

July 7, 2017
Oh yes ! It,s true . The greatest deep techno label is back ! What a year it is , B12 , Bola and Derek Carr all active ..... now we only wait for Kirk and Ian (you know who) . For those who know ....

Likemind majesticuncasual

July 27, 2019
DREAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't describe how much I love both of these tunes.

Likemind Livysound

March 7, 2017
edited over 5 years ago
Fuck off... Likemind is back!!!
Steve Rutter & Kirk Degiorgio doing a set together... Woah
All i need now is for Steve Pickton & Nurmad Jusat to release more stuff then i think i may just explode in my pants!

Likemind nilecniv

April 1, 2020
Hope you're sporting your finest britches... incoming EP from Nuron and As One!

Likemind pabloski

May 29, 2015
Reishi by Tura is included on the Mineralization compilation by Chillscape without the permission of Likemind Records or Tura. Although an initial agreement was made for use of the track, Office Changes Ltd / Chillscape failed to pay the advance agreed on and then decided to ignore all attempts by Likemind Records to contact them.Even when letters were sent detailing legal proceedings for non payment of the advance, Office Changes Ltd / Chillscape still went ahead and included Reishi on this compilation without the permission of Likemnd Records. To date Likemind Records have never received any payment for use of Reishi on this compilation.
Paul Smith - Likemind Records.

Likemind as reviewed by

June 12, 2002
Really good to see this label listed... I can highly recommend checking out all four releases - certainly hard to find, but very well worth tracking down particularly for anyone into quality atmospheric ambient techno - these ep's are not just a collection of weird noises like much of the stuff i seem to hear lately - this is real music, with real emotion! LM03 contains a rare mix of B12's classic track 'The Silicon Garden' (this time under the alias 'Redcell'. The other mix of Silicon Garden is availible on the B12 album entitled 'Time Tourist' on Warp Records.