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Neutron Records (label code: LC 08369) was founded in Sheffield in 1978 by Stephen Singleton, Mark White and David Sydenham to release work coming from the burgeoning Sheffield electronic music scene. In its anarchic beginning, the label was conceived as fiercely independent, with as strong an emphasis on the visual aspects as the audio, regarding the material as manifestos focused on what they saw as the subversive principles of the postmodern and anti-art. Although fairly obscure (as the Sheffield underground scene at the time did not get much national or international notice) Vice Versa still succeeded in gaining public attention with their own blend of electronic pop tendencies, largely inspired by the fellow Sheffield group, Cabaret Voltaire.

Neutron releases where seen as sharply intelligent statements for the new decade, beginning with Vice Versa's 'Music 4' (7" EP, NT001), a piece of electronic pop linked with cut-up statements on social decadence which went on to win a famous 'single of the week' line in NME, much to the surprise of the group. Two further releases, even more ambitious: a set of prints with a manifesto (NT002), and then the semi-legendary '1980: The First Fifteen Minutes' (7" EP, NT003), complete with six-sided fold out cover (which featured, alongside Vice Versa, three other Sheffield groups: Clock DVA, The Stunt Kites and I'm So Hollow.) Each band contributed one track each for what would be their first vinyl appearance. While the compilation received a great deal of critical acclaim, this wasn't enough to assuage the frustration with the lack of promotion which then led to Neutron singing a distribution deal with the major marketing facility Phonogram, in 1980.

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