3pbeats Records

3pbeats Records

Russian downtempo music imprint since 2006. Each release catches the essence of modern Russian Downtempo, Trip-Hop and Nu Jazz music with its own signature sound provided by such bands as Uniquetunes, Half Dub Theory, ILWT, i-Laska, Rekevin, Mamanet, Kitaygorod and musicians like 813, Kontext, Monophonic, DJ KX, Cyberworm, FunkyTech and many others.

Heavily influenced by the timeless soul, vibe and flow of the European downtempo music of the 90's and music experiments of such lables as Ninja Tune, !K7, WARP and others, 3pbeats Records keeps it real and underground by essence, not surfing any wave or pretending to be what it's not.
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Status Catalog Number  Image Artist Title ( Format) Label Catalog Number  Country Year Actions
3P1201 РЖБ Пластинка(LP, Album, Ltd) 3pbeats Records 3P1201 Russia 2010 Sell This Version
3P1201R РЖБ Пластинка (Album) 3P1201R Russia 2014 Sell This Version
3P1202 Dissident Jazzophrenic Anthology EP(Lathe, 11", EP, Ltd, Tra) 3pbeats Records 3P1202 Russia 2022 Sell This Version
3PEP001 KX Loneliness Of Men(10xFile, MP3, Maxi) 3pbeats Records 3PEP001 Russia 2006
3PEP002 Uniquetunes Death By Our Airlines (Remix)(File, MP3, 320) 3pbeats Records 3PEP002 Russia 2007
3PEP003 Monophonic (4) Sunny Walk(4xFile, MP3, EP) 3pbeats Records 3PEP003 Russia 2007
3PEP004 Half Dub Theory Too Late(3xFile, MP3) 3pbeats Records 3PEP004 Russia 2008
3PEP005 Neek Romanteek Brain Walk(4xFile, MP3, EP) 3pbeats Records 3PEP005 Russia 2008
3PEP006 ILWT Как Миша Дикий в Тайланд Съездил(2xFile, Single, 320) 3pbeats Records 3PEP006 Russia 2009
3PEP007 Китайгород З.Е.Д. (Maxi, Single) 3PEP007 Russia 2009 Sell This Version
3PEP008 ILWT Live At Griboedov Club 3PEP008 Russia 2009
3PEP009 Perfect Me The Place That I Call Home(3xFile, MP3, EP, 320) 3pbeats Records 3PEP009 Europe 2010
3P_LP001 Kontext La Dissidence (Album) 3P_LP001 Russia 2007 Sell This Version
3PLP001W Kontext La Dissidence(14xFile, WAV) 3pbeats Records 3PLP001W Russia 2013
3PLP002 Uniquetunes Out Of Order (Album) 3PLP002 Russia 2007 Sell This Version
3PLP003 Rumble D.P. Apparat(18xFile, MP3, Album) 3pbeats Records 3PLP003 Russia 2007
3P_LP004 Half Dub Theory Soulplay (Album) 3P_LP004 Russia 2007 Sell This Version
3PLP005 ET_ Don't Think Twice(13xFile, MP3, Album) 3pbeats Records 3PLP005 Russia 2007
3PLP006 Senka Senka & Friends(20xFile, MP3, Album) 3pbeats Records 3PLP006 Russia 2008
3PLP007 Kamio Dreams Kids(15xFile, MP3, Album) 3pbeats Records 3PLP007 Russia 2008
3P_LP008 Uniquetunes Uniquetunes (Album) 3P_LP008 Russia 2008 Sell This Version
3PLP009 ET_ Harder Times(11xFile, MP3) 3pbeats Records 3PLP009 Russia 2008
3PLP010 Kamio Dreams Freak Bills Black Deals(15xFile, MP3, Album) 3pbeats Records 3PLP010 Russia 2008
3PLP011 Day2K The Rockets(16xFile, MP3, Album) 3pbeats Records 3PLP011 Russia 2008
3PLP012 I-Laska Всё при себе (Album) 3PLP012 Russia 2009 Sell This Version
3PLP014 Kamio Пустота / Бессонницы (Album) 3PLP014 Russia 2008 Sell This Version
3PLP015 813 (2) Modern Termography (Album) 3PLP015 Russia 2010 Sell This Version
3PLP016 ILWT За Всю Хурму! (Album) 3PLP016 Russia 2010 Sell This Version
3PLP018 Китайгород Солнечно (Album) 3PLP018 Russia 2011 Sell This Version
3PLP019 Jacuzzi Project Sweeeeet Muse(11xFile, MP3, Alb) 3pbeats Records 3PLP019 Russia 2011
3PLP020 Aple Tree Over The Rainbow(8xFile, MP3) 3pbeats Records 3PLP020 Russia 2011
3PLP020W Aple Tree Over The Rainbow(8xFile, WAV) 3pbeats Records 3PLP020W Russia 2013
3PLP021 Krivitsky Hleb, Zoloto, Akai(11xFile, MP3, Album, 320) 3pbeats Records 3PLP021 Russia 2012
3PMX001 Various Cinematic Sound Vol. 1(CD, Comp) 3pbeats Records 3PMX001 Russia 2008 Sell This Version