Located in Montreal and funded by Éloi Brunelle.

Epsilonlab was a Montreal-based audio-visual label dedicated to promotion of innovative electronic music and digital art. Releases include CDs, DVDs and downloadable audio-visual files. Founded in December of 2000, Epsilonlab was initially a collective of musicians, VJs, designers and contemporary dancers devoted to live audio-visual experiments in immersive environments.

The label is no longer active since late 2007.
Contact Info:
Eloi Brunelle: [email protected]


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
EPS 01 Doubting Faces EP  album cover Jeff Bennett Doubting Faces EP(3xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 01 Canada 2004
EPS 02 Black Foundation Dub  album cover Mossa Black Foundation Dub(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 02 Canada 2004
EPS 03 Boobcube EP  album cover Tristen Polar* Boobcube EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 03 Canada 2004
EPS04 Piknic Moderne  album cover Éloi Brunelle Piknic Moderne(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Epsilonlab EPS04 Canada 2004
EPS 05 Electric Supplements Vol. 1  album cover Lucid (2) Electric Supplements Vol. 1(3xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 05 Canada 2004
EPS 06 Club Soda & Salt  album cover Alland Byallo Club Soda & Salt(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 06 Canada 2004
EPS07 Rocky Mountain Funk  album cover Paul Keeley Rocky Mountain Funk(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS07 Canada 2004
EPS 08 Rainforest EP  album cover Vincent Casanova Rainforest EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 08 Canada 2004
EPS 09 Electric Supplements Vol. 2  album cover Pero* Electric Supplements Vol. 2(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 09 Canada 2004
EPS 10 Épisodes  album cover Pheek Épisodes(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 10 Canada 2004
EPS 11 Christmas Mix  album cover Various Christmas Mix(File, MP3, P/Mixed, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 11 Canada 2004
EPS 12 Slinky / XXX EP  album cover Frivolous vs. DJG Frivolous vs. DJG - Slinky / XXX EP(5xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 12 Canada 2005
EPS 13 The Town Hall EP  album cover Mossa The Town Hall EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 13 Canada 2005
EPS 14 Psychotonic EP  album cover Éloi Brunelle Psychotonic EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 14 Canada 2005
EPS 15 Cosmic Bikini EP  album cover Vincent Casanova Cosmic Bikini EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 15 Canada 2005
EPS 16 Énergy  album cover Alexandre Bilodeau Énergy(6xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 16 Canada 2005
EPS 17 Expanding Itself  album cover Sensual Physics Expanding Itself(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 17 Canada 2005
EPS 18 Live @ Elektra, QC  album cover Paul Keeley Live @ Elektra, QC(File, MP3, Mixed, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 18 Canada 2005
EPS 19 Live @ Neuchâtel  album cover Éloi Brunelle Live @ Neuchâtel(File, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 19 Canada 2005
EPS 20 Midnight Fire  album cover Vincent Casanova Midnight Fire(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 20 Canada 2005
EPS 21 Deviation  album cover Dublee Deviation(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 21 Canada 2005
EPS 22 Veins-Tu?  album cover Alexandre Bilodeau Veins-Tu?(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 22 Canada 2006
EPS 23 Tales From The Invisible Man  album cover Miles Moore Tales From The Invisible Man(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 23 Canada 2006
EPS 24 Track Place  album cover Homme D'Aimant Track Place(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 24 Canada 2006
EPS 25 The Love EP  album cover Éloi Brunelle The Love EP(4xFile, MP3, EP, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 25 Canada 2006
EPS 26 Blunt Etiquette  album cover Paul Keeley Blunt Etiquette(File, MP3, Mixed, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 26 Canada 2007
EPS 27 Exotic Rituals  album cover Vincent Casanova Exotic Rituals(4xFile, MP3, 192) Epsilonlab EPS 27 Canada 2007
EPSILONCD001 Elsonic Project  album cover Éloi Brunelle Elsonic Project(CD, Album) Epsilonlab EPSILONCD001 Canada 2001 Sell This Version
EPSILONCD002 Paysages Matriciels  album cover Pheek Paysages Matriciels(CD, Album, Mixed) Epsilonlab EPSILONCD002 Canada 2002 Sell This Version
EPSILONCD003 Éloi Brunelle Live @ Neuchâtel(CD, Album) Epsilonlab EPSILONCD003 Canada 2002 Sell This Version
EPSILONCD 004 Inside Out  album cover Mateo Murphy Inside Out(CD, Album) Epsilonlab EPSILONCD 004 Canada 2003 Sell This Version
EPSILONCD005 Les Autres Promeneurs  album cover Pheek Les Autres Promeneurs(CD, Album) Epsilonlab EPSILONCD005 Canada 2004 Sell This Version
EPSILONCD006 Musique Pour L'Amour  album cover Éloi Brunelle Musique Pour L'Amour(CD, Album) Epsilonlab EPSILONCD006 Canada 2004 Sell This Version
Epsiloncd007 Eloi Brunelle '5' Visité Par François Lebaron  album cover Éloi Brunelle, François Lebaron Éloi Brunelle, François Lebaron - Eloi Brunelle '5' Visité Par François Lebaron(CD, Album, Comp, Ltd, Mixed) Epsilonlab Epsiloncd007 Canada 2006 Sell This Version
EPSILONDVD001 Audiovideotherapy  album cover Various Audiovideotherapy(DVD, Comp) Epsilonlab EPSILONDVD001 Canada 2003 Sell This Version
EPSILONDVD002 Silence Is Presence  album cover Various Silence Is Presence(DVD, Comp) Epsilonlab, Thinner EPSILONDVD002 Canada 2005 Sell This Version


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July 15, 2019
5 old mixes from Epsilonlab have been made available again. Search online for:

• Montreal Electronique Groove (Pheek, Eloi Brunelle and Mateo Murphy) at Cargo (Lyon), epsilonlab.com from boombox.net, 8 June 2002.

• Eloi Brunelle, The Funky Monk Mix, Epsilonlab, epsilonlab.com, 15 July 2005.

• Eloi Brunelle, The Golden Years Mix, Epsilonlab, epsilonlab.com, 30 Nov 2001.

• Mateo Murphy, Epsilonlab, epsilonlab.com, 2001 (precise date not known).

• Pheek, Epsilonlab, epsilonlab.com, 30 Nov 2001.

These mixes and the Epsilonlab label were from the early days of internet streaming. 20 years have passed, but these mixes still show the new generation how to do it. Great times, great music.