Established in 2017 VILL4IN is a collective of anonymous artists and a label for electronic music: synthwave, atmosphere, ambient, chillwave, experimental, cyperpunk, dreampunk, vaporwave, dreamwave & downtempo. VILL4IN releases music categorized in series: VOID, MANA, DUSK, CCCP, CONNECT, NOIR & PURP. Most releases comes with extras like: art magazine, "Mana" trading cards, DVD, holographic stickers, OBI-strip and similar. In October 2020 the label changed the design of the OBI-strips (old design Sangam - Taken new design Voyage Futur - Inner Sphere) and established a packaging design for the MANA trading cards (example Voyage Futur - Inner Sphere). Also in October 2020 VILL4IN released their first art book "The Glitch Bible". On some releases VILL4IN may appear as Vill4in Records.

Members as known so far:
C1PH3R: Co-Founder / Producer / PR
FR4ME: Co-Founder / Visual Director
R3D: Cinematographer / 3D Animator
Polygon1993: Videographer / Graphic Designer
_hy0: Visual Artist
CHKLTK: Visual Artist
Contact Info:


Cat#  Artist Title (Format) Label Cat#  Country Year
APRIL-001 懷斯波 = Wiseau Wave 1, 懷斯波2 = Wiseau Wave 2  album cover 湯米* = Tommie* 湯米* = Tommie* - 懷斯波 = Wiseau Wave 1, 懷斯波2 = Wiseau Wave 2 (Comp) APRIL-001 US 2021 Sell This Version
CCCP​-​001 К солнцу, к звездам  album cover Проект Лазарь* К солнцу, к звездам (Album) CCCP​-​001 2019 Sell This Version
CCCP-002 ждите Нас Звезды!  album cover Проект Лазарь* ждите Нас Звезды! (Album) CCCP-002 2020 Sell This Version
CNCT-002 愛している信じてる  album cover COMPACTdisc ステレオドラマ 愛している信じてる (Album) CNCT-002 2020 Sell This Version
CNCT-003 Reset  album cover Tower Of The Sun Reset (Album) CNCT-003 2020 Sell This Version
CNCT-004 Installing Symbiotopia 2​.​0​.​1  album cover Bathroom Plants Installing Symbiotopia 2​.​0​.​1 (Album) CNCT-004 2020 Sell This Version
Connect-001 Internet Explorer   album cover H A Z E Internet Explorer (Album) Connect-001 2019 Sell This Version
DUSK-001 Closer  album cover MVEJIMV Closer (Album) DUSK-001 2019 Sell This Version
DUSK-002 Forever  album cover Akiaura Forever (Album) DUSK-002 2020 Sell This Version
DUSK-003 Everlasting  album cover Van1sh Everlasting (Album) DUSK-003 2020 Sell This Version
MANA-001 Mother  album cover 暗号零 Mother (Album) MANA-001 2019 Sell This Version
MANA-002 Sacred  album cover Kuroi Ame (2) Sacred (Album) MANA-002 2019 Sell This Version
MANA-003 小圈子  album cover 輕描淡寫 小圈子 (Album) MANA-003 US 2020 Sell This Version
MANA 004 Inner Sphere  album cover Voyage Futur Inner Sphere (Album) MANA 004 2020 Sell This Version
MANA 005 Dream Residue  album cover Kagami Smile Dream Residue MANA 005 2020 Sell This Version
MANA-006 Kagami Tears  album cover CMD094 Kagami Tears (Album) MANA-006 US 2020 Sell This Version
MANA-007 Vanished  album cover Evryn Vanished (Album) MANA-007 2020 Sell This Version
MANA-008 Middle  album cover Rhucle Middle (Album) MANA-008 2020 Sell This Version
MANA-009 Magic Moments  album cover PJS (3) Magic Moments (Album) MANA-009 2020 Sell This Version
MANA-010 Damaged Interface  album cover Rashida Prime Damaged Interface (Album) MANA-010 US 2020 Sell This Version
MANA-011 Injection  album cover Motionfield Injection (Album) MANA-011 2021 Sell This Version
MANA-012 Undercity Nights  album cover metroGradient Undercity Nights (Album) MANA-012 2021 Sell This Version
MANA-013 Secret Earth  album cover Voyage Futur Secret Earth (Album) MANA-013 Canada 2021 Sell This Version
MANA-014 Lost Cause  album cover Sangam Lost Cause (Album) MANA-014 2021 Sell This Version
MANA-015 All Flesh Is Grass  album cover Tim Six All Flesh Is Grass (Album) MANA-015 2021 Sell This Version
MANA-016 Original Master Recording  album cover Fm Forest Original Master Recording (Album) MANA-016 US 2021 Sell This Version
MANA-017 Virtual Moonlight  album cover Voyage Futur Virtual Moonlight (Album) MANA-017 US 2021 Sell This Version
NOIR-001 Fiend  album cover Ghoul (30) Fiend (Album) NOIR-001 2020 Sell This Version
none Enter The Void  album cover 暗闇DESTINY Enter The Void(File, FLAC, Album) Not On Label (Z.E.R.O Self-released), VILL4IN none Brazil 2020
PURP-001 Fake Friends  album cover Devd Mvne Fake Friends (Album) PURP-001 2020 Sell This Version
VC001 Villain Index Vol​.​1  album cover Various Villain Index Vol​.​1(9xFile, FLAC, Comp) VILL4IN VC001 2017
Void​-​005 Unequal  album cover LowXY Unequal (Album) Void​-​005 2021 Sell This Version
VR001 Void-001  album cover Anubis-XIII* Void-001 (Album) VR001 2018 Sell This Version
VR001 TH30RY EP  album cover C1PH3R TH30RY EP(12", EP) VILL4IN VR001 2017 Sell This Version
VR002 Void-002  album cover 暗号零 Void-002 (Album) VR002 2019 Sell This Version
VR003 Taken  album cover Sangam Taken (Album) VR003 2019 Sell This Version
VR004 Void-004  album cover 암호* Void-004 (Album) VR004 2020 Sell This Version

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January 15, 2021
If anyone out there is willing to sell their MANA cards, I’m interested. Please contact me. I’m also willing to trade.


September 6, 2020
edited about 1 year ago
Phenomenal label that sadly can't keep up with demand anymore; if you're not there in the first five minutes a release goes up, you're left to the whims of scalpers.


June 4, 2020
Not sure how to go about it, but it would be cool to set up a space to trade MANA cards.